Saturday, December 1, 2012

True Believe


How do you know what you believe about God or gods is true?

Don't tell me why other beliefs are wrong. Don't say what you believe is true because other options are wrong. (Don't talk about others, just what you believe.) Don't say that whatever you believe is what is true. You are not God. You cannot make something true by believing it is true. I'm looking for supporting evidence. What is the positive, factual evidence that supports what you believe about god or gods (or lack of)? Why is Islam the truth? Why is Christianity the truth? Why is atheism the truth? Why is Hinduism the truth? Why is Buddhism the truth?


labeler2003, You asked the very best question, every honest seeker should ask. I have the answer.

Belief is a result of thinking/idea, which is fictional (editable and below you).
Simply, you can put a fictional idea on paper and wipe your a-s-s.
Everything spoken or acted upon are the fruits/results of thinking.
Do anyone believe without thinking about it? no.
Therefore, Islam, Christianity, atheism, Hinduism,Buddhism, etc are ideas and fictional in nature.
None are mightier than human mind!

A living system is created and does evolve. It is called Nyaya (recursion; circulates & moves forward ). The moment you think about the living system, the thought becomes a fictional idea.
Therefore, you deal with the fictional idea (mental picture) as real, by referencing to the original living system.

Truth simply means 'acceptance'.
Most of the time we accept ideas based on feelings (6 sense faculties), called 'common/exceptional sense'.

You are free to accept a belief blindly or with proof.

If you stand under (understand) an idea, you believe the whole idea based on blind faith, because you cannot see the big picture.

Eg: When someone understands the 'God created Everything', where God cannot be within Everything, he/she can only believe Everything & God as blind-faith.

If you over-stand an idea, you see the big picture to collect all the evidence to believe after scientific proof.
Make sure, you have God of God's Eye to prove God and it's creation.

In science, when evidence changes, the conclusion (thesis) changes. Therefore, belief changes with the accuracy of evidence, in turn the conclusion.

The bottom-line is, we (the one who thinks) are the Gods of all fictional Ideas (Dhamma, Bible, Quran, Atheism thesis, etc) and we can manage them.

Enslavement to fictional ideas (members of ideal systems) degrades full human capacity.
Human capacity is limited to our possibilities, including the 'unlimited/boundless thinking'..


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