Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nāma Aggregates


Why Nāma is missing from Five Aggregates (pañca khandha) in Buddhism?

The Five Aggregates (pañca khandha) of ‘grasping at a self’ (ego) are:
rūpa (Form)
vedanā (feeling)
sañña (perception)
saṅkhāra (formation/volition)
viññāṇa (consciousness)

As with arūpa(near-form-less), rūpa (form) and Kāma (sense) worlds,
nāma, rūpa (form) & vedanā (feeling) should come in line.

Why nāma is missing from Five Aggregates?

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
In Tipitaka, where do you find vedanā, sañña, saṅkhāra, viññāṇa categorized as Nāma? 

[Fake Genius]
apart from rupa, all other four aggregates are namma.
namma is mind - the abstract side.

so there are two: namma-rupa 



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