Friday, December 28, 2012

Visakha in Buddhism


What are Visakha, Sakkha and Vesak in Buddhism?

As per popular Buddhism:
Viśākhā was one of the chief female lay disciples of the Buddha. She became a stream-enterer and died at the age of 120.

Lets study the term symbolically:
page 288, 289,

= ‘King of Gods’ in Tàvatiüsa (heaven of the Thirty-Three)

= sat-kàya = ‘existing group’/ ‘personality’
= 5 clinging group of existence (upàdàna-kkhandha)
1. Nama & Rupa 2. Vedana 3. Sanna 4. Sankhara 5. Vinnana
= not, sva-kàya, ‘own group’

“Sakkàya, O Brother Visàkha, is said by the Blessed One to be a name for the 5 ‘groups as objects of clinging’

4 types x 5 groups of existence = 20 kinds of personality belief
Visākha = having branches

visākhā = lunar mansion (nakkhatta) or month (see vesākha)

Visàkha = Vi + sàkkha = Infinitesimal 5 clinging Aggregates?

Can you see the relationship in Visakha, Sakkha and Vesak festival using 3rd eye?

Additional Details

sakha/sakhi = friend
sakhaṁ, sakhāro:→sakhi
saka = relation
saka+dā+gāmī = Once-returner
ratha+cakka = Riya+Saka = chariot wheel
saka+mana = joyful

@Fake Genius,
Why should a Buddhist be religious, narrow minded, bureaucratic & dumb to parrot what is told to memorize by the institutions with agendas?
Shouldn't a true Buddhist be free to use wisdom and to read symbols when studying Buddhist Dhamma?


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