Sunday, December 30, 2012

I criticize my God, so what?


If your God is not my God, why do you get hurt, when I criticize my God?

Tolerate or escalate violence over Nothing is funny to me.

If I blast (insult), Pope the Pius or Muhammad or PingPong within the scopes of my God, why do you care?

Just because the hat fits your head, why do you wear? I cannot be responsible for your actions/judgements.

It is like, when the Government Corporation warrants their assert (person) to be arrested, and some people foolishly assume, that they must surrender their rights.

The result is, they give-up their freedom behind bars for ignorance.

Learn to live with knowing the possibilities of many worlds along with one and only your world , instead of projecting my God to be judge by yours.

Any comments, please?

Additional Details

In, there was a question with title "Will the world really end this year 2012? Is it possible?"

Do you think following answer is offensive and should be removed?

"Yes. the economic, political and social world end. You can see the signs, if you read the news. There will be a new bible. Some conspiracies say, it will be a totalitarian Government. I suggested Pope the Pius, a parallel Government model to give more options for citizens as customers."

Them do you think "Failed prophets, fools, those full of fraud" as a judgement is offensive too?

@Athene, Please focus on the Question, instead of playing with your own doll.
This is not a narrowed topic for you to give advice on an individual.
Your answer is a reflection of your mindset.

See it from a broad perspective.
Can't you see global political unrest over religious matters?

I agree with your comment.
It is also nice to see, how the "hardening of the heart" guys response, when they are put to the test.

My friend, thank you for respecting my differences.

With respect, this question is not a matter whether I respect your differences or not.
You only will get angry, if you wear MY hat, just because it fits your head and you claim it yours.
Who gave you that right over my hat? I never asked/demanded you to wear my hat.
I have all the rights to criticize my hat, and not your hat. So, mind your own business.
Don't you respect my rights to talk about my hat, by you getting angry?

This is a global application (need intelligent discussion), and not directed at you.



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