Sunday, September 30, 2012

Incredible Division

In mathematics, especially in elementary arithmetic, division (÷) may seem as an arithmetic operation. But there is a philosophy behind division.

Most think division is one dimensional. The can easily get away with simple calculations, but get into trouble with sophistication

Example-1: 2 children ate 10 toffies, equally. How many toffies did each child eat?  5
a=10, b= 2, therefore, c=5

Note: children (b=2), toffies (a=10) and the answer (c=5) are in different dimensions.

Division basically deals with 3 dimensions/ scales, and also can expand up to 4 dimensions.

Division involves relativity, ratio and synthesis.

The answer (c or c/d) is the synthesis  of a relative to b.

a : b is the ratio.


Calculations - Nothing Vs. Anything

Set-A and Set-B may be in different sizes. (Think of a large bucket and a small bucket)
Let Set-A = 6; Set-B=3. Therefore, K=2

Irrespective of size, if the notion of completeness is considered, K=1

Suppose you came to fight Boxing game and your opponent does not appear. What would the result be?

Possibilities are:
1. No Game - You=0 , Opponent=0
2. Play & you win - You=1 , Opponent=0
3. Play & draw - You=1/2 , Opponent=1/2

Decision is based on consideration to another similar case (Set-c relative to Set-d, where Set-d=no appear).

The notion of Emptiness is same, irrespective of size of the container.

How many Emptiness are there in Emptiness?

To select from all possibilities, we refer to another similar case

Same as above.

Selecting a possibility is undecided until referring to another similar case.

Multiplication or Division with Emptiness/Nothingness is undefined unless a protocol is set.

Suppose millimeter sets,
  Set-E= from 1cm to 2cm= {0,1,....,9,10}mm
  Set-F= from 2cm to 3cm= {0,1,....,9,10}mm

 Set-E upper fence (10)=Set-F lower fence(0)

but, Set-E's everything (0->10) is not Set-F's nothing.(0->0)

Calculations - Infinity Vs. Infinitesimal

Riemann Possibilities

Euler product formula 
  • In spite of the grave error with Euler–Riemann zeta function ζ(s), let us analyze the 'Riemann Possibilities'.


Zeta Function

Euler Product

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Incomplete Atheists?

Can atheists feel complete? Is it an ego thing?

stand under (understand)
Theists try to stand under (understand) everything, which God created.

It is practically not possible.

Therefore, theists are designed to feel incomplete.
Atheists reject 'God created everything' thesis.
There is nothing to understand (stand under).

Therefore, a true atheist would always feel complete and/or empty.

Is it an ego thing? No. There is no scale to measure.

Suppose Mr.X is a member of a religious society:

Mr.X says: "I am NOT here to judge others". Can it be true?

Mr.X stands under a code (constitution of the society).

That code is a rule to judge others (comparing to Mr.X's values), in order to find out, whether they qualify or disqualify by the rule.

Therefore, Mr.X is designed to judge others.

Suppose Mr.Y is a free thinker (non-theist):

Q:. Mr.Y, are you a member of a religious society?

A:."I am a people, who is free to subscribe and/or to unsubscribe to one or many societies, and who can be happy without associating to any.

   I always have the freedom to study the values of any society, and to learn them from a broader perspective"

Member of a religious society, is designed to have conflicts of interests, when trying to appreciate others.

Therefore, disputes are inevitable.

Limbo Acc. & Purgatory Acc.

If you inquire about Limbo & Purgatory, many would answer by referring to Bibles as row data. Let me process them for valuable/digestible information:

 Time to time bible changes (Evolution of the creator Bible), along with the world order.

Whether or not the Catholic (universal) church close the Limbo and Purgatory accounts as a strategy, the theology remains.

Clearly shows the signs when Pope intended to baptize (make an account) aliens (persons outside to the legal system).

For example, a Russian is considered an alien under the U.S. Constitution.

Both these Limbo and Purgatory refer to the closing stage of (general) accounts, who have not being officially recorded (baptized). Before closing, the accounts are balanced, and if in debt (sins), it has to be paid;

After-death purification (transitional condition) from non-members to members. Trial of the dead.

General accounts in the sense, where the name not specifically registered to open an account under that name.

For example, Purchase account, Sales account instead of Barack Obama's account.

(Even symbolic Jesus is considered an introductory BAD-DEBT account to absorb the sins of others to declare them bankrupt, at the point of balancing the books)

Limbo-Crawl Under the Rule in to the Systen

Limbo refers to: closure of personal accounts who made transactions, but in the state of child (not qualified for full membership to open an account under their name); unbaptized infants

Purgatory refers to: closure of personal accounts who made transactions, before the accounting system started.; righteous who died before the coming of Christ

It is interesting and funny to note, how religious institutions make their business to give judgement of floating votes assuming they are 'potentially submitted personal accounts' to their system.

Is it some sort of a phobia to to think that the dead are potential member in our society, in order to judge them and demand payment for their debt/sins?

It is also inhuman for these fictional constitutes, including the likes of Insurance companies to make a living out of the grave yard.

The living People care for their feelings.

No good humor to consider both living and the dead as resources (human resources) to manage.

My wish to you, the people:

Learn to see sight beyond sight (to debunk the spell-binders) and be human to know your inalienable and unalienable people rights.

Otherwise, the slave system can takeover the living master, like in iRobots movie. Be wise!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Wisdom ReSearch

Repeated Search is ReSearch.

Research can be :

  • Broad Research (along length and width dimension of the crust (0 height) or along a given plane in a given height dimension)

  •  Deep Research (along the height dimension, with consideration for planes along it's path)

Research is conducted partitioning the problem:

If you cannot eat an elephant, 'eat the elephant bit by bit'

  • use induction (සංශ්ලේෂණය) method, to see from a microscopic view
  • use deduction(විශ්ලේෂණය) method, to see from a macroscopic view

Prediction (Hypothesis) 

is fake, but the effective driving force in Research.

Research renews or reconfirms Theory(ies).  


Research approaches are:

  • Top Down
  • Bottom Up
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Random / Ad-hoc

Re-Engineer God-0's Creation

If God-0 created everything, then
  How to recreate everything, from a conceptual view?

--If God-0’s creation-0 instance is like a static picture, then
    Creation is purely centralized
    God-0 has a sophisticated program to continuously create all other instances 
    The said instances can be created in real time or pre-programmed
    Man’s (God-1’s) creation is God-0’s creation (simply, man follows God’s creation)
    God is Intelligent and Man is Dumb
    God judges his (or his program’s) own actions at a judgment day

--If God-0’s creation-0 is dynamic, then
    Suggestion-1: Similar to object-oriented programming
    // There can be many suggestions from many different views

  ----If God-0’s creation is more centralized and less distributed, then

      God-0 judges his own action more than the man’s (God-1’s) actions

----If God-0’s creation is less centralized and more distributed, then

      God-0 judges man’s(God-1’s) actions more than his own

----If God-0’s creation is purely distributed, then

      God-0 can sit and watch, but can God-0 judge man’s (God-1’s) creation?

------If the same happen with Intelligent Robot (God-2’s) creation, then

           Can God-0 and man (God-1) judge on I-Robot’s (God-2’s) creation?

More Possibilities...

What if, Everything was created by more that one God? 
(team project)
What if, God was created by One or More Gods? 


Christian and/or Catholic (Universal) Vatican God is not necessarily the Creator of Nature (where rock,trees and animals live).
Therefore, Pop is the Pius (agent) of God who created the social, economic and political worlds.

  If so, end of the world means, changing to another new world order.

       - Moses Bible introduced "10 Commandments" (derived from Hammurabi's Code of Laws)

       - Jesus Bible introduced "Bad Debt Account" to absorb the sins/debts of the condemned (I.M.F.)

- New world order of PingPong Bible would be:

   + Conspiracy and/or preparation is, centralization
       (totalitarian one-world government)

   + GodofGods'Eyes suggestion is, parallel Governments 
               (instead of centralized and/or distributed monopolies)

       - more supply & less demand means,
                                         customer driven market/negotiation

       - an innovative information system
           (current technology can handle)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obey Rules

How do you wish to obey rules, and with what type of mindset?

The basic unit/state has polarity (+ or -), which is a rule (rule-1).
Even rule-1 to exist, there should be rule-0.

"In judgement, every dimension (මානය/scale) sets a rule to qualify where rewarded for merits, or to disqualify where punished for sins.
 Therefore rules exist even before we start to think
(because, even thinking starts with a set of rules) and death follows rules." says Prof. Lakshan Bandara

If you follow the rules set by others, you become a slave.
If others follow the rules set by you, you become a master.

   If you & others follow the rules set by you & others,
     you & others become peers.

 Do you wish to Obey rules set by you, rule set by others, or rules set by mutual acceptance?

Note: Buddha kept Dhamma as his teacher (ධර්මය ගුරු තනතුරේ තැබුවා), in 3rd week after enlightenment.
Suppose you own a company. You select a management and direct them by setting rules.
(You are the master, management is the slave)
- Owner is directly responsible (ability to response) for the Management
- Management is directly accountable (log actions are report) to the Owner

 The management set company rules and you accept it.
 (Management is the master, Employees are the slave)

- Management is directly responsible for the Employees
- Employees is directly accountable to the Management

Therefore in-turn, all employees follow your rules.
(You are the master, employees are the slave)
- Owner is indirectly responsible for the Employees
- Employees are indirectly accountable to the Owner

 Day-1 you became an employee (in management) of your company.
Therefore, you have to follow the company rules, including Management Rules. (like People in a Republic)

 (You are the master, employees are the slave)
 (You are peer-to-peer, with Management) 
 (Also, You are the slave of  your own master)

 Day-2 you became an employee (cleaner) of your company.
Therefore, you have to follow the company rules.
 (like People in a Republic)

(You are the slave, management is the master)
- Management (you) is directly responsible for the Employee (you)
- Employee (you) is directly accountable to the Management (you)

(You are peer-to-peer, with Management)
(You are peer-to-peer, with Employees)

(Also, You are the slave of  your own master)


 Day-3, you join a Labor Union as a member.
(You are the slave, Union Leader is the master)
(You are peer-to-peer, with Union Members)

Day-4, you became the Union Leader
(You as Union Leader is the master, Union masters are the slaves)
(You as Union Member are peer-to-peer, with Union Members)

Getting confusing & Conflict of interests. 

- You (Union Leader) has interest against Owner (you) & vise versa

- You (member) has interest against Management (you) & vise versa
- You (Union Leader) has interest towards members (you) & vise versa

- You (employee) have interest towards Labor Union (you) & vise versa

Day 5, Management decided mislead and ignore the owner, by assuming the Nanny role & treating you to be in state of Child. Their justification is, a child cannot take care of himself, and not fit to set rules for the management and company.
(like in a Democracy, though it started as a Republic)

Management set company rules, and get accepted by Cleaners
(like politicians elected by Citizens in a Democracy)
Management has control of the owner (child) and Employees (subordinates)

 Therefore, they enjoy company profits and sell/gamble company assets owned by, because you (owner) has no power to monitor and control (Child has no permission by Nanny & none care for child-play). 

When you cry for comfort, Nanny will discipline you or give you a toy (entertainment) to play.

Nanny switches on TV, and you enjoy your favorite cartoon.

TV station is controlled by Nanny, so you here what Nanny wants you to here.


 If you follow the rules set by others (like in a democratic society, oligarchy,monarchy, followers of Religious Buddhism, etc),
- if you are one of the few rulers, you will have a master mind (like politicians in a Democracy)
- if you are one of the many followers (irrespective you elect rulers), you will have a slave mind (like Citizens in a Democracy)

If you follow the rules set by you (like in a Republic, Community, Interpreters of Symbolic Buddhism)
- if you are one of the few who suggest rulers or many who approved rules,
you will have a master/peer mind (like being Self-Disciplined)
-if you are one of the many who approved others' suggestions or few who disapproved them,
you will have a peer/peer mindset (like People in a Republic)

If you avoid the rules set by others, and follow your own rules (like Robin Hood, freeman, Buddha in Symbolic Buddhism who set his own ideas/Dhamm as his teacher),
you will have a master mind (like being Self-Disciplined) and gain "sight beyond sight"

How do you wish to follow rules and with which mind-set? Please make a self-analysis.

You are free to share your suggestions as intelligent soles, to make it a fruitful discussion (though is not designed to be so).