Wednesday, September 26, 2012

God empirical or non-empirical?

Is God empirical or non-empirical to you?

I may define a God concept as "God created Everything, you live-in" or you may define and/or choose a God concept as per your wish to answer.

Belief can be based on observation and experimentation (empirical) or it can be blind/with no base (non-empirical).

non-empirical ( blind/with no base) means: for example,

If God created everything,
 then the creator God is not within everything,
  therefore, God cannot be observed and/or experimented within everything,

Else you step outside-the-box (everything).
  God can be observed and/or experimented (God becomes empirical).
  It is possible for a true theist and/or true atheist (not the stupids who deny, with no consideration to concept), to see God empirically.

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