Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mosaic Code


Are 10 Commandments just a sample of 613 Mosaic Code as per Jewish belief?

This question is asked in response to 636 Mosaic codes referenced by [dewcoons]

613 commandments/connections (mitzvot) first codified by Rabbi Simlai in Babylonian Talmud Makkot 23b(-24a), Deut. 33:04. (for the community of Jacob)
Also referenced by other Rabbi.

But, no early work of Jewish law or Biblical commentary depended on the 613 system and some rabbis declared that this count was not an authentic tradition.

The 613 Mitzvot do not constitute a formal code of present-day halakha-(Codes of Jewish law), since there are many formal codes of Jewish law developed over thousands of years (polymorphism).
Therefore 282 laws of Hammurabi could be a recorded source.

(mitzvot lo taaseh) negative commandments = 365 (number of days in the solar year)
(mitzvot aseh) positive commandments = 248 (number of bones and main organs in human body)
Total = 636


Moses's 611 commandments + first 2 of Ten Commandments (only ones directly from God)= 613

Additional Details

I read 'Jesus' symbol as the 'bad-debt account' to forgive sins of other accounts.
How do you read 'Jesus blood' symbol? As 'ink'?

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