Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Think as Human

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I am undocumented ilegal imigran my lawyer reject my case what do I do no money no job?


Think as human, not mentally bonded to a fiction. All these states and codes are fictional. 

You are an alien (outsider)/ aboriginal (ab+original like ab+normal) to the system.

Never call yourself as an illegal immigrant, which makes you criminalized by standing under their code.

Do not let them judge you under their code. Simple as that. Stand like a man & do not hide, because law is with you as the master. You should be able to handle a giant fictional slave.

Read the 'Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp' story. It is not just a fantasy. The giant fictional system slave has to say "Your Wish is my Command".

First you need proof of identity, a recommendation of a trusted friend (may be your relative) that the system recognizes as citizen by naturalization (by birth). It is a strong stand in law.

Tell that you are a freeman (not a member of the society) who WISH to be a member of the society to use their currency (money), which gives you opportunity to earn and spend their money, that they have right to tax.

Your looks or history has no relevance. If they enquirer them, say "No Comment".
Also, remove all Mr. (fictional status) parts in your name.

The proof of identity, alone can win your side of the case. The system will obey you.

Be brave and go get a conditional membership/identity in the society to have a better future.
Even if they reject your membership, ask them a remedy from their monopoly system, to make a living, because you are a freeman by nature.

Remember, Attorney at Law does not mean a lawyer. If Lawyer is like a doctor, an Attorney is like an attendant in hospital. Don't let them control you, but make use of them intelligently.

Unfortunately, many intelligent people would find my comments as terrorism, because they are head-hunted and absorbed by the system. They are partial to defend the system, because they betray humanity by enjoying the temporary privileges offered by the system.

Funny thing is, when they get their a-s-s kicked by the very beast they adored, they get frustrated and angry, because they were brain-washed to not to be smart to know their inalienable and unalienable human rights they are born with.

Are they intelligent enough to solve a simple fundamental problem on their own?


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