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Question of [danoninho]:

Christians, when will the anti buddha come?

never because Buddhism never talks about the anti buddha, you see christianity is the most primitive and violent religion ever, it´s all about wars, famine,the anti christ,earthquakes,death,killings.
christianity is the religion of death and misery.

Additional Details

lulu:I think you never read the bible, christianity is just as violent as islam


Core of Christianity is existence and included in Buddhism at a lower stage (Sense world & Formation world). Clinging to existence cause suffering, in a chain of events (because impermanence relate to what is expected/defined). Buddhism goes further to cessation of suffering by detaching to existence.

"Avijja-paccaya sankhara"

By nature, Candle flame ceases when causes (oxygen, wax fuel, temperature) cease.
nonscientific (idiotic) thinking edits (reproduces causes) to continue existence.

"The crab in the cooking pot swims with joy until the water boils"

Therefore, Christianity is anit-Buddhism or vise verse, in that narrow aspect of joy.

But rather,
 Christianity is included in Buddhism.

From religious/society aspects, both Buddhism & Christianity exist the same way. (spell-binding).
terrorism, surrendering, fear for sins & hell, merits in heaven, judgement after death, etc are common.


Analysis of Buddhist & Christian scriptures

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