Saturday, December 1, 2012

Complete Non-MySelf


Is complete non-myself resulting full Nibbana possible in Buddhism without external help?

All selves (eg: chair, friend, etc) are subsets of bigger myself.

Though it is possible to destroy sub-selves, how does Buddhism eliminate myself (anatma of I) to result in complete Nibbana, without the help of an external dimension (like creator, the God)?

(If Nibbana is a natural dissolution of 5 aggregates or something like that, why people try so hard?)

Take the analogy of an electromagnetic bell.

When electricity flows through the circuit, iron rod gets magnetized and pulls the striker towards the gong. As a result, the circuit breaks to let the striker move back.

The key function is that, electricity flow could disconnect (die) itself, with the help of Magnetic force (external dimension).

No system can self-shut (suicide), without the assistance of an external dimension.

"While suicide is legal in Britain, helping someone to die is not."

The Buddha's first words after enlightenment were these: "Seeking but not finding the house builder, I traveled through the round of countless births. Oh, painful is birth ever and again! House builder you have now been seen. You shall not build the house again. Your rafters have been broken down; your ridge-pole is demolished too. My mind has now attained the unformed nibbana and reached the end of every kind of craving." (Dhammapada 153-54.)

It should be corrected as "House builder willingly broke down his special set of rafters and demolished ridge-pole with the request of Buddha: 'Thank you dear honey boo boo, you shall not build the house again', because Buddha could not do it alone and wants to attain the permanent unformed nibbana and reach the end of every kind of craving."

House builder would say: "Even Nothing is not permanent. But, I'll make an exception for Nibbana only."

Note: Buddha's unreasonable (anti-social) behaving like a violent gangster in front of the house builder is simply heroic exaggeration of the author.
(Repairing or making rafters and ridge-pole is not a big challenge for a house builder. He might ve having a spare set or even go for shopping to B&Q to buy a new set.)

Additional Details

@Boaz, Nucleus is an open minded free thinker, and do not submit to any religion.
Show me challenging questions in Christianity. I wish to dig deep.

@Been There,
"You do it through yourself, through what you see."
" What goes away is the way you relate to it."
There is contradiction within your comment. Check again.
No one thinks, 'I am not'

Guys and Gals, This question is not meant to show loyalty or insult to anything.
As the wise test gold by burning, cutting and rubbing it (on a piece of touchstone), we need to test valuable ideas, before we take or leave them. Be patient and thoroughly test the Gold...

@Fake Genius,
Why all about Kamma?
Check The Five Cosmic Orders (Panca Niyama Dhamma)…

Avijja(Ignorance), Tanha(Craving), Upàdàna(Attachment)
Are they controlled by Kamma (Action) or it's (Vipàka)Consequence?


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