Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chaos beginning


How could Chaos occur at the very beginning of existence according to Buddhism?

"chaos" means "a state of disorder"

The big bang theory proposes that the universe was once extremely compact, dense, and hot. Some original event, a cosmic explosion called the big bang, occurred about 13.7 billion years ago, and the universe has since been expanding and cooling.

Could a system start by itself without external trigger?

Could chaos effect nibbana at all?

Additional Details

What could have triggered the Bang?

@no satisfaction,
Since sense objects (conventional external world) are perceived as mind pictures, it is all a mind game. What could have triggered to start the mind at the first place?
@Been There,
It is reasonable to show the boundary of Buddhism. Just for argument sake:
~~If Nibbana is possible without external trigger (like a creator), could first initiation of existence happen the same?
If not, it proves that there should be an external force who can remove your plug for external nibbana and even restart you after nibbana as well.
Do you see the possibility, irrespective of Buddhist scope you mentioned?


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