Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Religion of Buddha


Is Buddhism the religion of Buddha?

There are religious and social aspects relating to Buddhism, and they are more or less similar to how other religions function. That's why you find Buddhists by birth certificate and conversions to Buddhism.

Even there are ordination ceremonies where laymen (specially children) are converted to novice Buddhist monks called 'Samanera'.

Buddhist monks assume as the authorized agents for Buddhism and promote the said Buddhist religion(s) by misinterpreting (distorting) Buddhist scriptures for their existence & comforts. (spell-binders)

Such religious Buddhists enjoy the privileges with the label of 'religious freedoms' ('religious liberation' by law) after submitting (by person, by institution and by society) under fictional constitutions. (As a result, they get registration identity numbers)

The core of Buddhism opposes attachment to existence. True Buddhism is true 'religious freedom'.

If Buddhism is not Buddha's religion, from where did Buddhist religion come from?


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