Tuesday, December 25, 2012

God cruelty


Do God believers promote animal cruelty or justify greed for flesh by using God?

How can a loving heart willingly kill or support to kill an animal life?
or Are you suggesting that Bible is all about hypocrisy regarding love?

"Animals don't have a sole" by pointing at a man-written text is a rubbish argument, any fool can do.

Justification to kill animals as food are devils voices disrespecting others lives, and not suitable for people with advanced minds.

Would you eat your neighbor as long as you can digest his flesh (obvious food chain) by calling him 'fish' and pointing at the bible for justification?

This blood game is not funny for animals with feelings.

Additional Details

Have a look at the comment to my previous question "Why Jesus failed to show God's love towards innocent animals?"

Can you be proud to be human?

@Tony, Are you suggesting that you should be considered as your neighbor's food for Christmas dinner (if he calls you 'fish')?

@Bob W,
Please check if you have misread Bible about God and can you think fresh as human to respect others?

This question is not directly advising you what to eat and what not to eat.
Why can't you respect other lives in the God's name, specially the powerless animals?
Would you like others to harm you as a Christmas promotion?

It is not a matter of legitimate personal lifestyle choice to take lives of others.
Text written on paper is nothing to justify killing others.
With respect, even you can wipe a-ss with that paper.

@scrubbag, No you're addressing a point not relevant to this question.
Question doesn't address eating naturally dead animals as per your choice.
Farm to kill innocent powerless animals and to promote such activities is not natural.
It shows how selfish and cruel minded some people are.
Would you like anyone to do same to you?

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