Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nibbana loop-hole


Is Nibbana a loop-hole in the laws of nature prescribed by Buddhism to sneak-through?

Attachment to Atma (self) with Anicca/anitya (impermanence) results in Dukkha (suffering).

Buddhism recommends Anatta (non-self) as the solution Nibbana (detachment to Atma), by assuming (or is a fact) that Anicca (impermanence) is permanent/constant and cannot be managed.

There is also a possible solution to Dukkha (suffering), if Anicca (impermanence) could be managed.

1. Why impermanence is not managed in Buddhism?
because, relative Anicca (impermanence) is external (God/creator's law) where Buddhism cannot do anything about it?

2. Is it true that 'Buddhism tries to hide (move away) from Nature (seeing it as danger)'?

3. Is Nibbana a loop-hole in the laws of nature to sneak-through or another possible remedy to be free or simply right for freedom?

Guys and Gals, This question is not meant to show loyalty or insult to anything.
As the wise test gold by burning, cutting and rubbing it (on a piece of touchstone), we need to test valuable ideas, before we take or leave them. Be patient and thoroughly test the Gold...

Additional Details

@Searcher, How else do you put an idea to the test? By blindly following it?
My sympathy to you, if you find it as insult and you're comment failed the test by not answering the question.


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