Sunday, December 9, 2012

Benefits for God


What are the benefits for God in his creation?

We normally create fictions to bate & surrender our peers & masters for our existence, control and ego.

For example, we simply destroy impossible (cannot judge peers):
- People as Human Resource (though people are born equal, citizens are judged hierarchically)
- Animals like fishing industry (though animals are part of nature like us)
- Trees, water, rocks, etc (resource license as approval)
- God (wrongly define him through Bible and assume to be his agent to control his creation)

What could be the benefits/motivation for God through his creation?

Additional Details

Even we abuse our fictional creations through gambling, bribes, blackmailing, currency fraud, etc.

Could God has similar intentions, or did he create for the sake of creating or by obeying his Boss within his natural system?

All you guys seem to know a lot about God, how he thought and divine secrets (classified as with U.S. Gov.).
How did you get to know them?


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