Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nibbana Feasibility


How feasible is Nibbana in Buddhism?

Anyone can argue that "Buddhism is an experience, not a concept", like "you cannot swim by reading, until you get down to the water".

Is there anyone I can talk to who has experienced the ultimate Nibbana in Buddhism?
Else, how to check the feasibility of Nibbana in Buddhism?
It is fair to suspect when blind recommend regarding color.

It is also not always wise to guess and wonder around, until the path is clear.

All ideology (fantasy) cannot be experienced.

For example: if I hypothetically say that,
"living is like dreaming and dying is waking-up from that dream",
can you experience that in your lifetime?

Additional Details

@Citrine Dream, As per you've been told, if no one that has actually reached enlightenment will admit to being enlightened, Nibbana in Buddhism would be concluded as an unfeasible fantasy, until proven otherwise.
At least. can feasibility of Nibbana in Buddhism be logically (comparatively) tested through Dhamma using metaphors?

@Been There,
Easy to advice someone to hit the road, in order to reach 'Nothing'.
Should the wise blindly wonder around to find it by chance?

@Been There, You can be glad to answer the 3rd individual's question who MIGHT have experienced the ultimate Nibbana.


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