Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mind Start


How does mind start to function as per Buddhism?

Since sense objects (conventional external world) are perceived as mind pictures, it is all a mind game.

What could have triggered to start the mind at the first place?


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  1. How does mind start to function as per Buddhism?
    mind or consciousness exists only with feeling. consciousness starts when feeling starts - for example, touch. Before the touch, there is no touch consciousness. Nobody can have it or create it but feeling itself has to happen. But without consciousness, touch is not known.
    Thought is the sixth sense (part of saṅkhāra) - only when thought occurs, one start to think. First, desires: consciousness occurs with desire to think (as a response to something). Second one looks for words or views (perception) and think process occurs.
    As much as I know many consciousness occurs in a very short moment. In knowing something, consciousness of knowing that thing occurs repeatedly as long as that thing is paid attention to. Attention is consciousness as well so two or more different kinds of consciousness occur one after another in a line of consciousness.

    Consciousness is made of units. It's not a single entity. Once it arises, soon it ceases. Another consciousness follows.
    Learn about vinanna:

    •viññāṇa arises as a result of the material sense bases (āyatana)[12]
    •there are six types of consciousness, each unique to one of the internal sense organs

    there are only five aggregates - one is rupa and four are namma or mind. Mano, citta, consciousness, attention intelligence, etc. are the same thing in different functions. When the mind functions as intelligence, it's intelligence.