Sunday, December 9, 2012

Symbolic Ramayana


What is symbolic meaning in Ramayana included in Buddhist Tipitaka?

Ramayana is one of the two great Indian epics and is considered a sacred text by Hindus.
There is no one text called the Ramayana but many of them.
The well-known is the one composed by Valmiki.
Valmiki used an earlier Ramayana, perhaps several of them, as the basis of his own great work.

Tripitaka > Sutta Pitaka > Khuddaka Nikaya > Book 10 for Jatakas > (No 461) Dasaratha Jataka
Dasaratha Jataka identifiable as a version of the Ramayana, where Dasaratha considered as Rama’s father.

What are the symbolic meanings of Raman, Ravan, Sita, La(d/n)ka and the whole episode in Ramayana?

Surely, the correct message of Ramayana is different from the well-know worldly misinterpretations of entertainment sector (no relevance to geography like current Sri Lanka).



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