Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Read Symbolism in Bible


Do you know how to read symbolism in the Bible?

Bible,Quran,Tipitaka,Vedas are knowledge bases written by wise people, not fantasies to be read as bed-time stories and to be entertained at face value.
They are encrypted with layers and layers of symbolism.
Only a sharp mind can penetrate them to get to know the intended message by their authors.

How could shallow-minded idiots reference such valuable hard-earned knowledge as a defense to justify their narrow-minded acts?

I wonder why and how spell-binding religious institutions disrespect such valuable knowledge by promoting misinterpretations to the public?
What could happen if a snake is held from a wrong place, or fire/knife mishandled by a child?
Same happen if you misread the knowledge.

Additional Details

God is omnipotent as described in Bible like Microsoft corporation is omnipotent over it's software (MS-Windows, MS-Word, etc).
Don't doubt about it.

Should I laugh or should I cry after reading your comment?


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