Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lawful Fictional Governments


Is it lawful for fictional Governments to profit from killing the living breathing animals?

This is a LAW (not legal) question.

Governments are fictional. The constitution is put on paper and can be used to wipe a-s-s.
Animals like people, breath and live with flesh and blood.
Governments directly and/or indirectly make profits by farming animals and slaughtering them without animal's consideration and consent.

How LAWFUL are such Government policies?

Additional Details

@Boris, The question is about Lawfulness in Killing animals for profit by fictions, not eating them by living breathing people.

Animal is master, fiction is slave (master-slave relationship).
No animal willingly and lawfully agree to act for fictions.
So, can Governments lawfully exist?

How ignorant some people are to believe "Governments are not fictional"? It is no surprise to hunt their rights as state of child by the nanny governments and the few who know the law. Mass media is responsible for brain-washing the masses and hiding the truth to make them herded like sheep.
What can I do for that?

Please learn the fundamentals of law for your own sake. Then you'll be qualified to answer this question.


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