Sunday, December 9, 2012

Impermanence of a pattern towards infinity


How does Buddhism explain Impermanence of a pattern towards infinity?

'Anicca vata sankhara' means:
"all formations are Impermanent" or "changing/editing cycle is impermanent"
imply "recursion is impermanent"
or you may seek to your own interpretation.

Within the range of permanence, there cannot be Dukkha (suffering)
~ interpretation for tilakkhana (Three marks of existence) in Buddhism

Consider following pattern up to infinity:
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, ....∞

How to demonstrate Impermanence ('anitya'/'anicca'), the Buddhist doctrine using the above pattern?

Additional Details

@Chris Christie the fat guy,
A true wise (Buddhist) can accurately answer the question in different ways. Wish to know different approaches of others, specially the analysis part.

1. The range of infinity starts at the boundary of finite (edge of world) and ends at the boundary of holiness/completeness/universe, etc
2. Impermanence is logical, meaning relative.

@Fake Genius,
If you live in present, you should have answered the question directly.

@The Foreigner,
The answers to many of my questions do not qualify as BEST to my expected standards, unless something like extraordinary analysis come up. Who comes first is less important compared to perfection in answering the questions (I am also learning that skill).

Regarding progress in Buddhism, if you know it, you know it. There's nothing else to do with Buddhism, other than to know it (know how to not know).
Look around. Many people sit long hours (hoping mind fullness/emptiness), 30-40 years practicing, just for the sake of meditating, but no results & they do not know what they're doing. Some of them visit Heavens of Buddhist cosmology in their dreams and talk to Devas, Brahmas, and dead relatives.
Would you take their forcing advice (just because the sayings are popular)? That is not freedom (Nibbana), simply an old school of ineffective thought like memorizing everything to act like a Pandit.


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