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Atom and Biblical Adam


What is the relationship between Atom and Biblical Adam to creator God?

Adam and Eve...(Atom and Evolution)?



Mass of an Atom


What consist in the Mass of an Atom?

The atomic mass is the total mass of protons, neutrons and electrons in a single atom.
atomic mass subtly differs from atomic weight.

Mass 'Skandha/Khanda' means aggregate.
Buddhism states, 5 clinging Aggregates (Heaps) of existence.

In Science/physics, what are the aggregates (contents of mass) of an Atom?

Additional Details

what are the 'Contents of Atomic Mass'?


current problems in Artificial Intelligence


What are the current problems in Artificial Intelligence?

Have Self awareness, face recognition, etc issues solved?

What are the difficulties in AI to replace human thinking?


AI Impure procedure


Does an Intelligent System by large considered as an Impure procedure?

In Systems Programming:

Procedures that modify themselves are called impure procedures.
Each processor executing an impure procedure modifies its contents.
Another processor attempting to execute the same procedure may encounter different instructions or data.
Thus, impure procedures are not readily reusable.
- bad human coding practice

A pure procedure does not modify itself.
To ensure that the instructions are the same each time a program is used, pure procedures(re-entrant code) are employed.

An intelligent system learns itself and updates knowledge.
Data used as instructions and instructions used as data, based on situation.

Can Intelligent Systems be considered as impure procedures from multiple views of execution?



Why Mathematicians gone insane?


Why many Mathematicians have gone insane?

[John] commented at
(… ),

"Riemann himself suffered a nervous breakdown, and the American John Nash went insane.

The poor man starved to death because he was convinced that everybody was trying to poison him.

It has often been said there is a very fine dividing line between genius & insanity, and nowhere is that illustrated better than in the field of Mathematics."

Do mathematicians suffer nervous breakdown, because they mechanically go in circles with calculations?

Since mathematics is philosophically broader than mere mechanical calculations, how can such dogmatic calculators who resulted to go insane be called as mathematicians?

Additional Details

I don't think some scientists are bald.

My concern:
mathematics should penetrate through layers of thinking, not go in circles to result in nervous breakdown.
True mathematician should see the big picture as a systems engineer, not as a mechanic who totally rely on calculations.
I see the one who went insane, hit the wall and could not find a way to go beyond it.

patterns for Prime Numbers


What formulas to determine patterns for Prime Numbers?

A prime number (or a prime) is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself.

The Riemann hypothesis implies results about the distribution of prime numbers.
It is considered by some mathematicians to be the most important unresolved problem in pure mathematics (Bombieri 2000).

"Baseless Riemann Hypothesis" paper has challenged its validity.

What other formulas are available to accurately determine the distribution of prime numbers?

Additional Details

Would that make a difference if he's correct and your perception for infinity is wrong to criticize too negatively? Please reference your contributions to Prime numbers/RH.
Isn't it a matter that you don't understand the logical importance he made regarding the purpose of RH?




Riemann Hypothesis paper published at GSJournal web portal


Can you challenge Riemann Hypothesis paper published at GSJournal web portal?

"Baseless Riemann Hypothesis"

Download the pdf document:…

You are welcome to challenge the content?

Additional Details


There are now many theorems relating to prime numbers that assume the truth of the Riemann Hypothesis (RH). They would fall if Riemann Hypothesis is baseless, where it can neither be true nor false.

This paper considers different infinities to demonstrate the fundamental error in Golden key calculation, which nullifies the purpose/existence for Riemann Hypothesis.


Can Riemann hypothesis determine the distribution of prime numbers?

Riemann hypothesis is considered by some mathematicians to be the most important unresolved problem in pure mathematics (Bombieri 2000).

"Baseless Riemann Hypothesis" paper has challenged its validity…

Is Riemann Hypothesis still valid to determine a pattern for Prime Numbers?


Why Riemann's Hypothesis is known as the Graveyard of Mathemeticians?

[John] commented at (… ),

"we will probably never know just how many Mathematicians have gone insane trying to prove it. Riemann himself suffered a nervous breakdown, and the American John Nash went insane."

The Riemann hypothesis is part of Problem 8, along with the Goldbach conjecture, in Hilbert's list of 23 unsolved problems, and is also one of the Clay Mathematics Institute Millennium Prize Problems.…

Why Riemann's Hypothesis is that much important?

Additional Details

Are you suggesting Riemann hypothesis is influenced by 'observer effect' at the quantum level?


Why many proofs for Riemann Hypothesis to be both true and false?

There are many proofs all over the world for RH (Clay Mathematics Institute Millennium Prize Problem).…

Some proved true and some proved false.

Why Riemann Hypothesis still remain unsolved?


interpretation for Anantarika karma


What is the true interpretation for Anantarika karma in Buddhism?

Order in line of gravity [pali term = conventional meaning]:

1. Sangha-bheda = creating division of Sangh
2. Lohituppa da = causing Buddha to bleed
3. Arahan-tagha’ta = death caused to an Arahant
4/5. Matugha ta = causing of death of one’s Mother
4/5. Pitughata = death caused to Father

Lanka vatha’ra Sutra (mahayana) refers them as external immediacies [ Ba yani a nantariya ni] with a different interpretation:

Matricide = destruction to all procreative agencies and lust and joy associated with procreation Patricide = annihilate ignorance
taking life of an Arahantha = put an end to passion and anger
Sangha-bedha = break all combinations of aggregates
draw blood from Buddha = destroy eightfold body of consciousness.

Results(vipaka) for Anantarika karma is said to be born at Avici Niraya.

Does the true interpretation for 'Anantarika karma' refer to 'distorting the core of Dhamma' in 5 methods?

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
You used 'infinity' in your comment.
'Ananta' means infinite/ beyond limits/extreme.

Does 'anantarika' mean 'with no interval' or 'infinitely away from core'?

Is there a difference between 'Anantarika' kamma and 'anantara' kamma?



importance of Idols to Buddhism and Hinduism


What is the importance of Idols to Buddhism and Hinduism?

Buddhism use Buddha statue, Bodhi tree, chitya/stupa, pagoda, etc as idols.

Hinduism use Shiva linga, Ganesha, Vishnu, Saraswati, Kali, etc as idols.

Christianity use Cross, Obelisk at Vatican, etc as idols.

Even Islam use idols, irrespective of controversial statements.…

Idol worship at sacred trees & stones in all parts of the world, is considered as a PRIMITIVE practice based on fear.

What is the importance of Idols to intelligent ideologies like Buddhism and Hinduism, if not to seek protection based on fear?

Hope you make a reasonable justification for idol usage, by discarding the popular idiotic practices of idol worship as religions.

Additional Details

I'm glad to see fruitful answers.

Let me suggest the 'Binoculars' analogy to justify idol usage.

We do not look at the Binoculars/Telescope, but look through it to see clearly at a distance object, which is hard or impossible for the naked eyes.

Likewise, the wise would look through idols at the concepts of ideas (dhamma), while the foolish blindly worship at idol as rituals..

Therefore, idols are used as study material (models/diagrams), because visualizing helps to analyze concepts.



kalpa and yojana measurements


What are kalpa and yojana measurements in Buddhist Cosmology?

Mahābrahmā is 1 ½ yojanas tall.
His lifespan variously said to be 1 kalpa (Vibhajyavāda tradition)

What is the correct interpretation for 'kalpa' and 'yojana' measurements?

(Hope you don't get deceived by the false interpretations of mainstream Buddhism.)

Additional Details

@John the Buddhist,-Lotus fan 卐卐,
If I say, 'kalpa' and 'yojana' measurements relate to ideas like Chittaksha, not the conventional measurements, would you consider that?



visibility for Manussa Loka


What is the visibility for beings of Manussa Loka in Buddhist cosmology?

Refer to 31 Planes of Existence Diagram for Buddhist Cosmology.…

Mainstream Buddhism believes Manussa=human and Tiracchana=Animals in conventional language.

Suppose, the mainstream Buddhism believes are true.

According to the diagram, 'Asura' and 'Peta' worlds are in between humans and animals.

Since humans and animals can see and touch each other, Can humans see the beings at 'Asura' and 'Peta' worlds (at below worlds) using common senses?

How many yojanas deep should Animal world be from Human world, as per 31 planes of existence?

Are you convinced that Manussa=human and Tiracchana=Animals to say popular Buddhism is nothing but true interpretation?

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
Thank you for the comment. Would you like to answer the questions, directly?



Buddhism as a social practice


Do religious Buddhists view Buddhism as a social practice?

I ask this question after discussing with a hard core religious Buddhist, who is willing to die for the protection of Buddhism.

Can Buddhism be categorized as basic level, intermediate level and advanced level?

Do religious Buddhists follow so called 'lokika (mundane) Buddhism' at basic and intermediate levels as a social practice?

Do Arahants(enlightened one) follow so called 'lokottara (super-mundane) Buddhism' at advanced level?

Please answer clearly.

Additional Details

After first 3 answers:

As a suggestion to help you see the big picture of Buddhism, let me take the most simple 'toilet' analogy:

Would you consider removing clothes as basic level, shi-tting as intermediate level and washes it off as advanced level?
Would you complete basic and intermediate levels only as a social practice or would you consider the whole process as going to toilet?

Can there be so called 'lokika (mundane) Buddhism' and 'lokottara (super-mundane) Buddhism' or simply 'Buddhism' that seeks freedom (lokottara-nibbana) from suffering of lokika/worldly attachments?

@シトリン夢 Citrine Dream,
"Just as in the great ocean there is but one taste — the taste of salt — so in this Doctrine and Discipline (dhammavinaya) there is but one taste — the taste of freedom"
In that case, can Buddhism be categorized to levels?

Refuge in so called 3 jewels of Buddhism (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha) as a social practice is distorting the core of Buddhism. It is suggested by spell-binding monk societies for their existence, assuming them as a historical lineage to Buddha, which is a big lie.

There is no liberation in Buddhism privileged by a higher existence. Buddhism guides to freedom from all existence.

A true Buddhist who seeks freedom would not be loyal to any religious society!



PATIENCE for suffering and joy


Does Buddhism promote PATIENCE for suffering and/or joy?

Patience is promoted as a good social norm:

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”
“Sorrow and silence are strong, and patient endurance is godlike.”
"Abused patience turns to fury. "
"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."

These are a bit different social quotes for patience:
"Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity."
"Humility is attentive patience. "

Would you agree if I say that Buddhism does not promote PATIENCE for suffering and/or joy?

Why or why not?
Please explain.

Additional Details

An example for patience tested with pain:

Buddhism avoids PATIENCE at Two Extremes that causes existence:
Self Indulgence ( Kama Sukallikanu Yoga)
Self Mortification ( Atta Kilamatanu Yoga)

Instead, Buddhism uses Middle path (Majjhima-patipadā) towards freedom (nibbāna).


pessimistic self-hypnotism


Is Buddhism an pessimistic art of self-hypnotism to suggest that life all about suffering?

When you are in pain/stress, hypnotism can suggest that your life is wonderful to give hope for the future. It is an optimistic fake suggestion.

In Buddhism, attachments to worldly impermanence is proved as Dukkha (suffering).
Buddhism is focused at getting super-mundane freedom (nibbana) from worldly sufferings.

A commoner may think that Buddhism forces to make false self-suggestions (self-hypnotism) to view life pessimistically as misery, where in contrast, Biblical religions justify the joy of life.

Even may further think that Nibbana, the goal of Buddhism is based on a false alarm of suffering.

Irrespective of such criticism, one may be surprised to find, many people around the world are interested in learning the core of Buddhism (not religious traditions), straight from Tipitaka.

1. Is Buddhism pessimistic?
2. Is Buddhism an art of self-hypnotism?
3. Does Buddhism falsely suggest that life all about suffering as a false alarm to freedom?

Please give direct answers to the question(s) only.
(not misdirected to discuss something else or as an opportunity to counsel/advice someone else)

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
Changes in life, aging, death and tide breaking sand castles are common knowledge.
Anyone can experience all this in a sad mood or with joy.

Can you prove Buddhism is not a pessimistic art of self-hypnotism to suggest that life all about suffering?



contradiction in Mahamangala Sutta


Is there a contradiction in Mahamangala Sutta of Buddhism?

Asevana ca balanam = Not to follow or associate with the foolish
Panditanan ca sevana = to associate with the wise

Suppose, Mr.A is wise & Mr.B is foolish.

According to Mahamangala Sutta,

not associate with foolish means, Mr. A does not want to associate with Mr. B
associate with wise means, Mr. B wants to associate with Mr. A

1. How can Mr.A and Mr.B associate & not associate at the same time?

2. By considering the demonstrated contradiction, Can Buddhism be justified as a social religion?

3. Can there be any contradictions in Buddhism?

Please read the question carefully, in order to answer with wisdom.

Additional Details

Why don't you answer the question regarding Mahamangala Sutta of Buddhism, instead of commenting your judgement on others?

Mahamangala Sutta is not commentary as you suggested. It is in Tipitaka - Suttanipāta (Sn 2.4 PTS: Sn 258-269)
I'm surprised to see your comment "You haven't demonstrated a contradiction" and even sorry for you to believe "there can be apparent contradictions in Buddhism".
Better find them clarify without leaving them for future.

@Fake Genius,
Your bulk comment is misdirected from the question.
"How can Mr.A and Mr.B associate & not associate at the same time? " is the first question.
Have you answered that?
This is a critical question in Buddhism, not an opportunity for you to do counseling.

This question expects intelligence, analytical abilities and knowledge in Buddhist & Law to answer.
Hope to find direct answers to this question, with no respect given to false but popular interpretations about Buddhism.

Would there be a contradiction, if both wise & foolish persons (puggalas) are in the mind of an individual, where to associate with the wise and not to associate with the foolish at the same time?
I've answered the first question.

Note: scope of Buddism is limited to ideas and free from ideas only.

lokiya in Buddhism refer to triloka (kama, rupa, arup), not social aspects.

Sangha in Buddhism is collection of ideas (dhamma), where assumption to monks is just their way of living by spell-binding.



Bible beyond fictional nature


On what basis do you consider Bible context as beyond fictional nature?

Since Bibles in generally are printed paper, if someone challenges that:

God stated in Bible is no more than a fictional story character written on paper who creates another fictional story with fictional characters called 'man', how would you disprove it?

Additional Details

Are you trying to prove that Bible context is of fictional nature by referring to 39 books and recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls written by people as well a few Papyrus manuscripts?
Can a story written on paper or spoken as word of mouth, etc prove a step beyond fiction?


basic units of Atom


Are basic units of Atom called matter or non-matter?

If basic units of Atom is called non-matter, does the accumulation of multiple non-matters create matter?

Additional Details

Are Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, quarks, antiprotons, antineutrons, positrons (antielectrons), etc the particles make up atoms called matter or non-matter?

The term 'Non-matter' is used in science text. Google and see.
The more correct terminologies should be 'Phenomena' and 'Noumea', because all are mind based.
Why those particles are not considered as basic units of matter, Atoms?
'Parama'+ 'Anu' = Paramanu' = Atom

Please do consider the fact that short history of the west did not invent the concept of 'atom' (paramanu).
I'm not inventing any new terms here, but rather trying find out, why the base unit is subdivided, and how such particles can be categorized in terms of matter (the sensible scope of physics)?



world as the planet


Do Bibles, Qurans or Tipitakas consider world as the planet we stand with feet?

Biblical created world:

Quranic 6 day construction:

Buddhist Human World:

Can all religious texts be true to refer to the same thing with the term 'word'?

Did all of them use the term 'world' to refer to 'system', a design diagram for studies (system analysis), which has no relevance to so called planet earth in general sense?

Additional Details

@alan h,
Consider 'feet' as your 2 legs that touches the floor or what bases your sh-itsack.
Hope, you'd thank me for deciphering your most difficult problem. lol



Hybrid ChirsLam


If a woman wears a Hijab and a Cross, would you consider her as Hybrid ChirsLam?



infinity beyond completeness


Do you consider infinity beyond completeness?

why? please explain

Additional Details

@Pirate AM™,
Don't you think, it all depends on what you mean by what you mean to have no end of means? lol



infinity divided by infinity


What is infinity divided by infinity?

infinity / infinity = ?

Please explain how you came to that conclusion.

Additional Details

After the first 6 answers..Girls & Boys,
are you aware of the 3 dimensional (denominator, numerator, answer) nature of division to consider different infinities?

@Chris Pitchr,
I'm really sorry for the stupid schooling system.
By large, non of the answers correctly define infinity.
From where did the West borrow 'infinity concept' from? check 'Ananta' from the sources.

sorry mate, I don't think the way you suggested.
The concept of infinity is defined as a range, like a finite range and is numerical.

It is uncountable/unimaginable, relative to countable(Sankhya)/imaginable(sankalpa) finite range and vice verse, meaning infinity is definable and can be expressed in numbers.

I've said too much and will let you think why I said so.
Please ask your maths teachers to learn the fundamentals in maths, irrespective of their paper qualifications.


scope for infinity


What is the scope for infinity?

Scope means boundary, the beginning and end for infinity.

Where does infinity start and where does infinity end?

Additional Details

After first 3 answers.. girls & boys,
If someone suggests "Infinity starts after finite and ends before completeness/holiness", would you agree?
Even Socrates may be humble to learn more about infinity!

Can't you compare different infinities where the cardinality of them differ?
Example: infinity (x) of integer numbers is larger than infinity (x/2) of even or odd numbers
How can you compare infinities without measurement?

@Special EPhex,
Can you describe 'finite within infinity' at a single dimension, where finite and infinity are exclusive to each other? I have no doubt that you can do it by considering multiple dimensions.


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Prove or Disprove a baseless Hypothesis


If Riemann Hypothesis is baseless, can you either prove it or disprove it?

This question is referencing the ignorance of 'different infinities' when proving 'The Golden Key' (prime number relationship where Euler product formula equal to Riemann zeta function), which is the basis for Riemann Hypothesis to assume a definite pattern of 'prime numbers' derived from Riemann zeta function within a specific scope.

Additional Details

Can you prove or disprove a BaseLess assumption/hypothesis?


Riemann Hypothesis based on Golden key


Is Riemann Hypothesis based on Golden key?

This question references [stapler] comment to ( )
"That's exactly what I mean. The Riemann Hypothesis is not based on the Euler product."

I disagree and let me explain why:

Golden key is not Euler product.
Golden key is the relationship (equation) of Euler product to Riemann zeta function
(Euler product = Riemann zeta function)

  • Euler product formula is constructed as a multiplication using prime numbers(p).

  • Riemann zeta function is constructed as a sum using a series of integers(n)/complex variables(s).

Riemann Hypothesis is directly based on Riemann zeta function with limitations (non-trivial zeros, critical line)
Riemann Hypothesis is about an expected pattern of prime numbers using Riemann zeta function.

Since, Golden key defines the relationship of Riemann zeta function to prime numbers, Riemann Hypothesis (assumed pattern for prime numbers) is based on Golden key, and in-turn, based on Euler product as well.

Even, there cannot be a suggestion as Riemann Hypothesis, if Golden key (relationship to prime numbers) did not exist at that time.

Though Euler product is perfectly true, it's relationship(equation) to Riemann zeta function called 'The Golden Key' is an Error Proof. I am sure about that.

Therefore, Riemann Hypothesis is based on a false Golden key and prime number pattern cannot be derived from Riemann zeta function in any condition.

The stage is open for you to comment and criticize.

My challenges to you:
1. prove Riemann Hypothesis is not based on Golden key
2. prove Golden key is true
3. prove Riemann Hypothesis is on firm grounds and ClayMath Millennium problem is valid

You may reference to your work and also may contact me personally if you're serious on this matter.


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parallel Constitutional governments


How many parallel Constitutional governments currently function in America?

Preamble to the United States Constitution states:

"We the people of the United States, ... , do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

To state "We the people of the United States", there should be a parent constitution called 'United States' to define 'United States of America' and the two societies shall separately function.

If parent constitution dies, the people defined in it will die.

I also notice the tricky differentiation of 'THIS state' from 'THE state' in legal documentation.

Are there parallel constitutionals and in-turn parallel governments in America?

Is Obama the current president of all these constitutional governments or is there someone like Black-Pope in Vatican?

Do people of America consider all these complications before agreeing to any contracts with any of the governments in America?

Do they simply know with whom/what they are dealing with?


Guantánamo Bay detention using Geneva convention 'Partisan' status


How does USA hold & torture people at Guantánamo Bay detention camp using Geneva convention?

This question relates to the comment of [Nicholas] at ( )

"... The detention of terrorists at Gitmo is subject to the Geneva convention, but the convention defines these people as partisans. Partisans have no legal protection as prisoners of war under the convention's articles. ..."

Following is the 12 August 1949 Fourth Geneva convention (relative to Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War), in which U.S. has signed and ratified.
The term 'partisan' is not mentioned there.


"... There are certain cases about which some hesitation may be felt. We may mention, first, the case of partisans, to which Article 4, A (2) Database 'IHL - Treaties & Comments', View '1.Traités \1.2. Par Article', of the Third Convention refers. ... "

How does U.S. qualify those people with flesh & blood as 'Partisan' status?

Additional Details

USA defined term "non combatants" does not override and/or avoid the Geneva Convention terms/ definitions. Simply, the acts of USA shall be judged under the Geneva Convention (agreed superior universal code).
What are the difficulties for implementation? Any attempts?

@Kit Fang,
Capture, detain and torture of any individual are conflicts initiated by USA and evidences are obvious.
Can you prove your comment?
Is there any way to defend innocent people (outside of any conflict), when fictional states harm them?

If constitutionally defined USA fiction can implement jail institutions outside the lands of America (including by lease agreements), is the constitution fraudulent to fail to judge those acts under the said constitution?

How can acts disrespecting human values be immune to be judged under universal codes, and specially by the master 'people' with sovereign rights? There is definite fault here.

People with flesh & blood always is superior and has jurisdiction over a fictional state defined on a piece of paper.

Can you prove your statement that US government is above the Geneva convention and the rights of ordinary humans?


do not wish to work in society


What if some people do not wish to work in society?

Since society has a monopoly in the country, what are the remedies of society for people, who do not wish to join it (even not use their currency)?

Please note,
social benefits are given for members for society only.
land, trees, waters, roads, travel corporations, etc are within the jurisdiction of society (defined in constitution).

This question is not about being lazy without work to live.
This question is about the practical possibility for an individual to live with people as a community, by excluding from the society.

Additional Details

Who cares about being unsocial as long as people can interact each other without 3rd party judgement?

@Crown, If no one works for a society, the society defined under the constitution would break (void and null). Who cares?
Does that mean, people don't work?

With due respect, if you are a member of a society from birth, you are no more than a fictional state written on paper, which I can use to wipe my a-s-s.
If you apply for dual citizenship, can you be sure that you are no more than a born membership to the said first society?
Do you get the point I made clearly?


response to disappointing social systems


How to respond if you were unfairly destroyed by society?

Note: Please have patience to read this lengthy, but useful question description.

What would be your response if you are disappointed about social systems?
This situation is common when an individual experiences the other-side of marketed benefits.

Possible (not limited) responses in general would be:

Surrender to the same disappointed systems, because:
- no other alternative for individual survival (can't beat the monopoly, then join it)
- ignore costs as an isolated situation (rooted belief in benefits) to profit later
- pay costs to rehabilitate to force respect at the disappointed systems (blame self for the disappointment)
- fake loyalty to teach a lesson, destroy or take control of the system as a means of revenge
- believe recommendations of trusted others (to discard own experience)

Surrender to the alternative systems, because:
- as an alternative to survive & be away from enemy system
- as a means of taking revenge on the disappointed systems (destroy)
- as a means of taking control (takeover, by associating with more power forces)
- to destroy all similar structured and/or inter-dependent systems with the said

Be free from all systems, because:
- to achieve a unique knowledge about the structure (causes/roots, conditioning, existence, weaknesses, etc) of any system and attachments to it from a God's view, which is impossible for a system member to stand-under, in order to be the All-Seeing, All-Powerful, the Conqueror, the Unconquered, Untouchable,etc.

Quit main life (suicide), because:
- cannot take pressure/stress
- destroy disappointed systems by blaming for cause or suicidal attack
- no future hope in life and final conscious important decision for a living.

How would you respond for such a practically possible situations in your lifetime?


win the war against Devil


Can United States of America win the war against Devil?

Even if a lion wins battle against a pig, it looses the war because the great lion king has to get down into a stinking pit of manure.

Is this what happen to U.S.A, who regard itself as king of the world when battling(police) against self-defined extremists?

It is said that a well-trained priest who enters the cave of devil is capable of leaving without change to himself and transforming the devil to a saint, because he doesn't use evil forces against and in the likes of devil.

Why do we observe anger, hatred, genocidal statements from some people of America who justify the acts of U.S.?

Can they win the war in their own hearts, at least as the believers of Jesus love?

Additional Details

@Steve O,
If USA can win the war against Devil, show how?
Even a little child would say more than 'yea'


If United States loose a war in big time


If United States loose a war in big time, what would happen to good people of America?

U.S. has been continuously involved in controlled (from start to end) wars through out it's short history by giving various justifications and alerts to people of America.

As a result of U.S. blood based image, people of America are subject to hatred, revenge and condemned as humanly unreasonable by the rest of the world. This is an irrefutably obvious fact with common sense.

Power shifts and there are no guarantees for one to be unbeaten in every war and battle, unless the sparrow never lands where the lion roars.

Even a small chameleon can take control of a big elephant by crawling into it's long trunk.
Same apply for David's fight against the giant Goliath.

If U.S. looses a war in big time by an unexpected party in an unexpected manner (not nuclear weapons), which is a possibility, since people of America are dragged into unlawful acts of crimes against humanity by U.S., what would be the future for people of America, especially the good people who have faith in the equal love of God to all people?

Can U.S. compensate the good people of America in such a situation?

Additional Details

@Arthur ASCII,
Wisdom will tell you that there are many alternatives to win the same war, other than the bloody version.

I am sure that you're brainy to know the difference between 'noble sainthood pride' vs '3rd class gangster pride'.

Reply with violence should be the last or rather no option for intelligent people, but evidently the first option for animals who believe only in their physical powers.


U.S. fought against Taliban instead of al-Qaeda


Why U.S.fought against Taliban instead of al-Qaeda until recently?

Mass media reported only Taliban fighters killed instead of al-Qaeda fighter, until recently (Bin Laden murder case).

Additional Details

Was 9/11 revenge of president George Bush targeted at Taliban or Al-Qaeda?


training to Free-Sirian-Army and Libyan-Rebels


Who gave millitary training to Free-Sirian-Army and Libyan-Rebels?

How did they get weapons to face well trained, professional national armies?

Can such wars be carried over wast geographies without proper coordination?

Additional Details

How did NATO air strikes against Gaddafi were coordinated with ground troops?


U.S. justifications of war on terrorism is nothing but whole truth


Why do some Americans believe that U.S. justifications of war on terrorism is nothing but whole truth?

Do they believe so as to give benefit of the doubt or simply for blind loyalty without questioning?

Additional Details

Are you suggesting that revenge is the only reason?


al-Qaeda use similar weapons to face U.S


Does al-Qaeda use similar weapons to face U.S. and its alliances?

Is the war fair and lawful?

Does U.S. use reasonable force against enemy, with technologically advanced weapons?

Additional Details

Isn't that unreasonable force in any conflict is unlawful?
Your comment says, U.S. use offensive war (not self-defense), in which the attacking army seeks to take away rights enjoyed by another people. It is proof that U.S is out of control as per Art of Peace.

Aunt @lana_sands,
Are you advising by your experience of living under the Taliban?
Don't you regard them as people with flesh and blood?


definition for Al Qaeda


Is there another definition for Al Qaeda, exclusive to western media preachings?

It is mistake to conclude with one side of the story.


Who created Al Qaeda


Who created Al Qaeda and what are their motives for existence?


accept western mass media on face value


Do you accept western mass media preachings on face value without analysis?

Can you penetrate into their common agendas through their directed stories?

Additional Details

Other than investigate the story your self or referring to many sources, analysis is much more broader.
For example: pattern analysis, cross checking to find contradictions, balance of a story, etc.


United States diplomacy harm people


Does United States diplomacy harm people all over the world?

It is a fact that U.S. intelligence missions are carried out in the rest of the word as diplomats and using NGO/INGOs, etc in an unfriendly manner.

As a result, the governments in the rest of the world use U.S. foreign policy to over-scare/over-warn people/citizens, pointing at international terrorism :
- to restrict civil liberties (harden laws),
- to condemn civil protests and opposition criticism as internationally sponsored,
- and simply to be in power (justify as political stability necessary to fight back foreign threats).

You can call this situation as ripple effect, butterfly effect, etc.
Therefore, artificial situations get created for bad decision making.

In other words, United States tactical foreign policy "Si vis bellum para pacem" (put other nations off guard by cultivating peace) creates dictators in rest of the world.

How do living breathing people with flesh and blood who live anywhere in the world tolerate, if a fictional organization harm them directly and/or indirectly?

If so, what could be the practical solution, especially for people with not-so-rich economies?

Additional Details

@Top Source, Are you aware that :
CIA Covert and clandestine operations directed at or conducted with allies and friends to secure support for controversial components of foreign policy throughout the world?
Covert operations may include sabotage, assassinations, support for coups d'état (sudden, illegal deposition of a government), or support for subversion. Tactics include the use of a false flag or front group.
Please be open and human than being partial to hide the bad acts of a fiction to the man kind.


benefits for Al Qaeda


What are the benefits for Al Qaeda to wage war against United States?

There should be significant benefits for United States to be at war throughout the history against many communities in the world.
British Empire or simply Crown corporation also used a similar strategy for economy benefits, etc.

Though mass media conglomerate label Al Qaeda as an extremist Islam organization, Muslims worldwide do not seem to support that organization.

What could be the benefits for Al Qaeda to commit in decades of war against United States & it's alliance?
There should be some good reasons other than chanting "Allahu Akbar".
What would you guess and/or, what do they mention?


weapon economies be peace lovers


Can states of weapon economies be peace lovers?

You might remember the 30 year civil war in Sri Lanka, which ended few years back.

Erik Solheim from Norway,
David Miliband from UK,
Bernard Kushner from France,
Hillary Clinton from USA
Robert O. Blake, etc
were some of many popular peace facilitators, who were active against that civil/international war.

It is surprising to note the arm trade based GDP in those peace loving states, and how aforesaid names supported and justified wars/violence around the world.

Why duality is honored in world politics?

Is current Mali situation and honest international effort?

Additional Details

Please read the question carefully and answer with an open mind.
Can states of weapon economies be peace lovers?
If china involved in arms trade, can it be a peace lover?

The adage you mentioned is the national policy for aforesaid weapon economy based peace loving states.

The reverse "Si vis bellum para pacem" meaning " if you are planning a war, you should put other nations off guard by cultivating peace" is true as their foreign policy towards rest of the world.

Considering the big picture, why such duality is honored in world politics to define "world peace"?
Aren't we purposely devaluing humanity?


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prologed Dention


Under what laws can U.S. president discuss Prologed Dention?

Please watch Obama's famous 'tale of two speeches' in full.

"Indefinite Detention Without Trial" endorsed by Obama in an insult for humanity.

Is it constitutional for a U.S. President to discuss Prolonged Detention Policy?

If not, what disciplinary actions taken were against such acts?

If unconstitutional and no disciplinary actions taken, how lawful is the existence of U.S. Constitutions?

Additional Details

Even a king’s messenger, is responsible for the words of his voice.
Now, what message did President Obama of United states bring to good people?
Is that blasphemy and Madness?

What is the current situation of 'indefinite detention bill' embedded in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) under the 'Law of War'?

"not for a time certain" means "uncertain time" = "forever".
"terrorist" is a fiction against a fictional system, USA.
Live People with flesh and blood suffer inhumanly, even without respect to natural justice.
Is US president Obama all about words with actions to be awarded with Nobel prize? Why do you see contradictions?


Second Amendment


If people of America fear the US Government, how can rest of the world be secure?

U.S. Constitution -Amendment II states,
"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

If people of America feel insecure and bear arms, in order to protect themselves from the well regulated militia of the free state, how should people in rest of the world feel about U.S. Government?

Constitutionally, if people of America see the fictional Government as a threat to them, how could it lawfully exist in the first place?

Additional Details

You seem to have researched a lot. Thank you for contributing the information.



Guantánamo Bay


Under what laws are people held and tortured at Guantánamo Bay detention camp?

Though United States operate an overseas naval base following the Cuban-American Treaty of 1903, containing a military prison since 2002, the Cuban government opposes the presence claiming that the lease is invalid under international law as it was not a sovereign nation at the time.
If Cuba ratified the lease with full sovereignty, I would like to see the justification in full details.

Do people of America have power to control their fictional government, specially when carrying inhuman and evil acts?

What is the practical solution to respect humanity and to condemn such acts as unlawful?
No fiction can lawfully exist as second, if proven unlawful.

Additional Details

@The Ghost of Christmas Past,
Why the good people of America do not judge the acts of U.S. fictional government?
Why empower United States to lawfully exist?

I am discussing here about people with flesh and blood who have feelings, not fictional 'prisoner' states defined on paper.

@The Great Quizoo,
If agreed state parties change, the lease becomes void. I would like to see the terms of the new contract agreed after consideration. Please reference it to me for analysis.
Can you be sure that U.S. has always being within the terms of contract without any controversial issues?

@The Great Quizoo,
The whole powers of a fictional government including violence using weapons are defined on paper.
Taking jurisdiction over a piece of paper is simple.

Holly-A worship

Why holly-a worship religions are so popular?

Have a look at the picture;
A-holes are aimed at the followers like cannons.

What could happen if holly-A is blessed with f-art? probably genocide?

Don't laugh without common sense, because it can happen to you, if you too prostrate in front of others' a-holes.

What is so holly about mass-scale 'Axx' worship on each others' bottoms?

Note: This question is based on observations only and the intention is to question and nothing else.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Can Riemann Hypothesis be proven to be true?


Can Riemann Hypothesis truly be

Riemann Hypothesis is based on 'The Golden Key', where
Riemann zeta-function = Euler product of Prime Numbers

Since different cardinality of infinities were used in the calculation, 'The Golden Key' is proved to be false.

If 'Golden Key' has an error, Riemann Hypothesis came out from thin air, meaning baseless.

In that case, can Riemann Hypothesis ever be proven to be true?

Therefore, what is the validity of the Millennium problem to prove the Riemann Hypothesis?


Limited Corporation Governments


Are all Governments private limited corporations?



fraudulent constitution


How can a fraudulent constitution lawfully exist?

If a constitution contradicts itself, would you consider it as fraudulent?

Do people wish for a fraudulent constitution to lawfully exist?



Scope of People under Constitution


What is the scope of 'people' defined under a constitution?

Constitution of Sri Lanka states:
3. In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the people and is inalienable.

Are these 'people' from anywhere in the world/universe or limited to people in the country?

Can you clarify the scope of this term 'people' in the constitution?


constitution define people


Can a constitution define non-fictional people?

Constitution of Sri Lanka states:
3. In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the people and is inalienable.

Are these constitutionally defined 'people' created by God in Bible fictional story? or
Is/are 'people' in the 'constitution of Sri Lanka', referenced under the 'constitution of God'?

How do living breathing people with flesh and blood act the role of constitutionally defined 'people' character?


Can Citizens be FREE voters?


Can Citizens be FREE voters?

Constitution of Sri Lanka states:

93. The voting for the election shall be FREE, equal and by secret ballot.

Voting for an election can be free only if electors are outside the system (not defined in constitution).

26.(2) : entitlement to citizenship as by descent or by virtue of registration
89.(a) : No person shall be qualified to be an elector if he is not a CITIZEN of Sri Lanka

Liberation = Freedom is false

If citizens defined under the fictional constitution (subject to privileges and punishments) are not free, can there votes be free?

Constitutionally, can voting of Citizens for any election be FREE in Sri Lanka?


Can people elect government in Sri Lanka?


Can there be people elected government in Sri Lanka?

Constitution of Sri Lanka states:
at 3 : sovereignty is in the PEOPLE and is inalienable

at 4.(e): only CITIZENS can elect president and members of parliament.
at 89.(a): No person shall be qualified to be an elector if he is not a citizen of Sri Lanka

People = Citizens is false

Constitutionally, can there be any people elected government in Sri Lanka?

Can employees/laborers elected management claim to be representatives for company owners?


Hindu meditation vs. Buddhist meditation


What is the difference between Hindu vs. Buddhist meditation?

Let me present my view. You may present yours in comparison or in accordance, etc.

The main goal of Hinduism is Moksha/Liberation, where soul joins super-soul as to maintain existence/Nyaya (system/recursion).
Therefore, Hindu meditation is more likely a practice/repeat exercises (example: Kasina, yoga, etc) for jhāna/Dhyāna absorption/strengthening towards developing 'intuition thinking'.

Kasina meditation is also mentioned in Visuddhimagga, by Buddhaghosa (430 CE in Sri Lanka) as a treatise/dissertation.

In contrast to Hindu meditation practice, Buddhism uses a study/logical/penetrating approach towards freedom/Nibbana from all systems/loka/nyaya.
1. Samatha (tranquility/calmness) meditation for discipline (with short practice) &
2. Vipassana (analytical/ insight) meditation for development

Current religious Buddhists mostly do 'practice' meditation and as a result, do not achieve the main goal of Buddhism, which is Nibbana.

The stage is for you to criticize [Nucleus] view and/or to comment and contribute with opinion, knowledge, experience, etc.


Buddhist countries submit to God based Constitution


Why Buddhist countries submit to God based Constitution?

Take Sri Lanka for example;

Theravada Buddhism is the religion of about 70% of the population of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka has the longest continuous history of Buddhism.

They adopt a Catholic (universal) constitution from Brit+ish (COVENANTED man) template.

Justification is being a British colony for just about 150 years (history of Sri Lanka begins around 30,000 & written history exceeds 2550 years)

Constitution of Sri Lanka states "... sovereignty is in the people .."

'people' here refers to a fiction, the God's creation in the Bible story book.
People who live & breath with flesh & blood simply act the role of 'people' in the said constitution which is written on paper.

In turn, all Buddhist institutions, monks, followers, etc submit their rights to get registered under God based constitution.

This constitution contradicts with Buddhist way of thinking, even contradicts with 5 percepts.
Eg: Tobacco, Alcohol, Gambling, British BAR associated Law making, inhumane punishment, Materialism based economy, mechanical education system, discrimination based democracy & politics, etc.

Countries like Saudi Arabia practice Islamic Law and integrate with international trade.

How could a Buddhist Constitution for a Buddhist country look like?
What could be the distinct moral code and it's significance to benefit the public?

Please be open to answer in a macro level.

Additional Details

Could Buddhist 'Vinaya Pitaka' for monks be a guidance for a proposed Buddhism influenced constitution?


Monday, January 14, 2013

Why answer this philosophical question?


Why do you answer this philosophical question?


I 'Answer' because a 'Question' is asked.

Note: 'philosophical' may be an attribute given to the said question.