Sunday, December 30, 2012

Same God through different views of creation?


Why Jewish, Islam and Christians believe in same God through different views of creation?

It seems that:
Jewish believe in 'Laws of God'
Muslim believe in 'Will of God'
Christian after adaptation of Jesus believe 'Love/forgiveness of God' (different to early Christians)

If same God, why different views, even to cause violence & world wars?

Are those different views based on updates in creation (using changed Bibles)?
For example:
Jewish belief after introduction of Mosaic Code (10 or 636)
Islam belief after Quraysh tribe military leader Mohammed dictated Quran
Modern Christian belief after introduction of Jesus who died for sins/debts of others


Additional Details

I like the explanation in your answer.
If your God is not my God, why do you get hurt, when I criticize my God?;_ylt=AgSmXdBFDLpZ3yr0rSBWIsEhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121001014825AAJZC0w

Is false doctrine AND/OR the worship of God forbidden for Jews to practice due to it's falsehood, but not viewed as idolatry?
Please clarify your comment.


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