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Overstand Vs Understand

With reference to "Do you know God or understand God?"

Your answer was:

I believe in Jehovah God from what he said always came true every prophetic says about the world governmental powers, they all have came true.

God however, does not want us to believe or have faith in him through blind faith which is why it says in 2 Peter 1:3-

" forasmuch as his divine power has given us freely all the things that concern life and godly devotion, through the accurate knowledge of the one who called us through glory and virtue." ....

God want us to have accurate knowledge about him not through blind faith but a good understanding

Dear Skolar702,

You believe in Jehovah God, because what he said always came true, and every prophetic said about the world governmental powers, they all came true.

Therefore, you believe in Jehovah God through what he and every prophetic said.

(1). Without blindly believing in the fictional source(s)
      Do you have evidence to prove 'Everything' what is said/created?
      Do you have evidence to prove God? or at least God said so?

(2). How could you know correctness of the interpretation to your reference for sure?
Anyone can claim authority of someone's work (plagiarism) and/or make up something out of thin air (fiction).

(3). Do you believe, exactly what God meant in the text you refer to?
There are possibilities that fictional text can be misleading to your understanding.

The term 'us' refers to accounts/persons defined in one of God's many fictional creations.

If God wants you to have accurate knowledge about him not through blind faith, then you have a choice to stand over God, and not stand under God to collect evidence, in order to prove him (not just what God said by referring to a source through blind faith).

Good Understanding Vs. Not through Blind Faith

As your referenced Peter 1:3, if God wants you to have accurate knowledge about him through good understanding, that means blind faith.

Belief can be 2 fold:

1. Belief through Overstanding (standing over)

To believe with proof to know God and his all actions (Everything) within your knowledge.

You are the superior & God is your subordinate.
Therefore, you see the big picture of God and Everything (God's creation).

You have jurisdiction to judge God .
You are responsible (able to response) for God and all his actions
God and his actions are accountable (ability to log) to you.

In other words, you cannot be God's creation, but you may act upon God's fictional creation (account).
You are not a person, but can act as a person.

2. Belief through Understanding (standing under)

To believe with blind faith to hypothesis on a subset of God's actions.

You are the subordinate & God is your superior.
Therefore you see a small picture about 'Something' about God using assumption.

God have jurisdiction to judge you.
God is responsible (able to response) for you and all your actions
You and your actions are accountable (ability to log) to God.

Meaning, you are an account (property) of God, where God can reward and punish you.
Simply, God can create you and discard you.

In other words, you can be God's creation.

For example:

God concept says, "God created Everything" meaning, God is not Everything and God is not within Everything. (God > Everything).

Therefore, proving Everything can not prove God, but proving God canl prove Everything.

If God can create Everything, God should be capable of creating many forms of Everything as Everything1, Everything2, Everything3, etc, like a hen laying many eggs or an author wring many books.

(God > Everything1, Everything2, Everything3, etc)

Even if you assume to completely understand (stand-under) everything2,
1. you cannot know the God, because God is beyond everything2.
2. you cannot know Everything1, Everything3 as well

Therefore, you have no evidence within everything2 to prove God & Everything1, Everything3, etc.

In this case, you only can accept God as true, based on blind faith.

The only possibility to prove God in order to know him is to overstand (stand-over) God and observe God as evidence.

Then you can have all Everything1, Everything2, Everything3, etc as evidence

In this case, you can accept God and all his creation as true, based on proof.


Do you know God or understand God?


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