Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Abuse Science


Is science being abused with no-science as per Buddhism?
#The term science itself meant "knowledge" of, originating from epistemology.#
The above quoted article statement is not correct.

Scientific method is:
1. Hypothesis (assumption/guess)
2. Observations (always relative with six sensors)
3. Conclusion/ Thesis (whether Hypothesis is true or false compared to observations)

Therefore, science simply is not any knowledge.
Science is the knowledge of not knowing what is not observed(wrongly assumed).

'paticcasamuppada' (Dependent Origination of existence) in Buddhism states:
"Avijja paccaya Sankhara" meaning "No-Science (ignorance) causes Editing/volition"

Therefore, Science is not meant to continue existence (rebirth), but to end existence for freedom 'Nibbana'.

Nowadays, people and corporations use science for innovation and technological advancements for the sake of civilization development or mere greed (to continue existence).

Is science being abused with no-science?


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