Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buddhist Monk Fly


Can Buddhist monks fly?

[Fake Genius] thinks Buddhist monks can fly with following video:
secret of levitation

magic fly revealed from 3:00

Since Buddhist Cosmology is a set of FICTIONAL models to represent mental states, how could monks fly ?

Can four base mental qualities (Iddhipāda) make a man fly?
1. concentration (samādhi) of intention (chanda)
2. concentration of effort (viriya)
3. concentration of consciousness (citta)
4. concentration of investigation. (vīmaṃsā)

Isn't it time for lay members of the Buddhist religion/societies to challenge spell-binder monks and demand the correct interpretation of Buddhism (in return for sponsoring them - food, clothing, shelter and medicines & material luxuries) instead of being deceived with wishful thoughts?

Iddhipada-vibhanga Sutta (Analysis of the Bases of Power)
SN 51.13 - Iddhipāda Saṃyutta - Chandasamādhi Sutta
SN 51.11 - Pubba (before) Sutta
SN 51.2 - Viraddha (Neglected) Sutta
bodhipakkhikā dhammā (seven sets of such qualities conducive to awakening )

Additional Details

Fake Genius

Fake Genius[Fake Genius] thinks Buddhist monks can fly with following video:

Yes, that like was given to you by my previous answer.
Yes, if a monk has developed jhana, he can fly. That's the practice of samatha. They don't have to be arahant to fly.

Some monks develop samatha only to support vipassana, to achieve vipassana nana (panna). As they develop little samatha, they cannot fly even after the become an arahant.

Some monks develop enough samatha and went on to vipassana so they can become an arahant who can also fly.


Yes, I do think there are monks out there who do fly.

@Fake Genius,
Really appreciate your genuineness.
You referenced Buddhist scriptures correctly with worldly misinterpretations.

Following are the iddhi (powers) as per your reference:
- Multiplying the body into many bodies, then collapsing it into one again
- Vanishing and appearing at will (invisibility)
- Passing through solid objects as if through space (intangibility)
- Rising and sinking in the ground as if in the water
- Walking on water as if on land
- Flying
- Touching anything at any distance (e.g. the moon or sun)
- Traveling to other worlds (like the world of Brahma) with or without the body
- Teleporting

I can demonstrate the correct way of using these powers within the 31 planes of existence fictional model, in another question ~ ONCE AND FOR ALL ~
It will change the way you see at Buddhism. Be tuned with an open mind to learn!

NOTE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhist_cosmology
Buddhist cosmology can only be seen through dibbacakkhu (divine eye)

Buddhist cosmology can only be seen through dibbacakkhu (divine eye) by which a Buddha or an arhat who has cultivated this faculty.
It is not intended to be a description of how ordinary humans perceive their world.


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