Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dimensional Buddhism


What is the missing dimension in Language to say that Buddhism cannot be fully put into words?

Though Language is commonly used for mundane (worldly) purpose, there are desperate attempts to explain the super-mundane aspects of Buddhism by putting into words.

What is the difference between true Buddhism compared to mundanely projected Buddhism terminology?

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@Alexis De tocqueville,;_ylt=Ahm1pn0uEF0AvJEopp4.mIYhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121201123433AAeK6gN

[Been There] commented: "You are misunderstanding what Buddhism is teaching.
But that's okay, because it's not something that can really be put into words ... and cannot be really understood with words."

@jAmbu, with respect, Is Tilopa in to p-ornology? "strip awareness naked" sounds like so.
Have you or Tilopa experienced the ultimate of Buddhism to be certain about such distinction?
It is fair to suspect when blind recommend regarding color.

@Been There,
Recreating the attributes of sensual worldly feelings is not impossible.
All ideology (fantasy) cannot be experienced.
For example if I hypothetically say that living is like dreaming and dying is waking-up from that dream, can you experience that in your lifetime?


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