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Big Deal about Buddhism


Buddha: what does Buddha actually teach. Peace. Happiness. Spiritual enlightenment. what is the big deal.?

What does Buddha actually teach? 
(Peace. Happiness. Spiritual enlightenment....)
 What is the big deal.?

Anyone (Any Homeless person), anytime, anywhere can teach this???



The big deal about Buddhism (in simple terms) is to know, how not to play the game for no result to avoid loss.

"The sparrow remains unbeaten as long as it doesn't land where the lion roars."

Therefore, symbolic Buddha is a rebellion to be free (liberate) from suffering.

In contrast, the Bible, Qur'an, Vedas etc teach you how to play the game (nyaya=recursion) by the rules and defines world order.
As a result, the fictional society finds punishments for sins, rewards for merits and rescue (bad debt) account like Jesus to redeem sins to avoid system crash.

Buddhist scriptures do not mention sin (පව්) or merits (පින්), but monk societies misused the following words as their social game currency:
'Punya/Punnena' meaning a primary form of wisdom/ generation (ප්‍රඥාව) and 'Paapa/Pāpa' meaning 'the base'.

Buddha sees 'kusala'=accumulation and 'akusala'=non-accumulation to mean, whether you get the idea (dhamma) or not.

Overstand Vs Understand

With reference to "Do you know God or understand God?"

Your answer was:

I believe in Jehovah God from what he said always came true every prophetic says about the world governmental powers, they all have came true.

God however, does not want us to believe or have faith in him through blind faith which is why it says in 2 Peter 1:3-

" forasmuch as his divine power has given us freely all the things that concern life and godly devotion, through the accurate knowledge of the one who called us through glory and virtue." ....

God want us to have accurate knowledge about him not through blind faith but a good understanding

Dear Skolar702,

You believe in Jehovah God, because what he said always came true, and every prophetic said about the world governmental powers, they all came true.

Therefore, you believe in Jehovah God through what he and every prophetic said.

(1). Without blindly believing in the fictional source(s)
      Do you have evidence to prove 'Everything' what is said/created?
      Do you have evidence to prove God? or at least God said so?

(2). How could you know correctness of the interpretation to your reference for sure?
Anyone can claim authority of someone's work (plagiarism) and/or make up something out of thin air (fiction).

(3). Do you believe, exactly what God meant in the text you refer to?
There are possibilities that fictional text can be misleading to your understanding.

The term 'us' refers to accounts/persons defined in one of God's many fictional creations.

If God wants you to have accurate knowledge about him not through blind faith, then you have a choice to stand over God, and not stand under God to collect evidence, in order to prove him (not just what God said by referring to a source through blind faith).

Good Understanding Vs. Not through Blind Faith

As your referenced Peter 1:3, if God wants you to have accurate knowledge about him through good understanding, that means blind faith.

Belief can be 2 fold:

1. Belief through Overstanding (standing over)

To believe with proof to know God and his all actions (Everything) within your knowledge.

You are the superior & God is your subordinate.
Therefore, you see the big picture of God and Everything (God's creation).

You have jurisdiction to judge God .
You are responsible (able to response) for God and all his actions
God and his actions are accountable (ability to log) to you.

In other words, you cannot be God's creation, but you may act upon God's fictional creation (account).
You are not a person, but can act as a person.

2. Belief through Understanding (standing under)

To believe with blind faith to hypothesis on a subset of God's actions.

You are the subordinate & God is your superior.
Therefore you see a small picture about 'Something' about God using assumption.

God have jurisdiction to judge you.
God is responsible (able to response) for you and all your actions
You and your actions are accountable (ability to log) to God.

Meaning, you are an account (property) of God, where God can reward and punish you.
Simply, God can create you and discard you.

In other words, you can be God's creation.

For example:

God concept says, "God created Everything" meaning, God is not Everything and God is not within Everything. (God > Everything).

Therefore, proving Everything can not prove God, but proving God canl prove Everything.

If God can create Everything, God should be capable of creating many forms of Everything as Everything1, Everything2, Everything3, etc, like a hen laying many eggs or an author wring many books.

(God > Everything1, Everything2, Everything3, etc)

Even if you assume to completely understand (stand-under) everything2,
1. you cannot know the God, because God is beyond everything2.
2. you cannot know Everything1, Everything3 as well

Therefore, you have no evidence within everything2 to prove God & Everything1, Everything3, etc.

In this case, you only can accept God as true, based on blind faith.

The only possibility to prove God in order to know him is to overstand (stand-over) God and observe God as evidence.

Then you can have all Everything1, Everything2, Everything3, etc as evidence

In this case, you can accept God and all his creation as true, based on proof.


Do you know God or understand God?


Fictional System

Characters relating to a Fictional System

Owner owns the system.

Author creates the system.
Authority = Author + Writ

Editor alters (recreates) the system.

Members act (actors) or the system 
Main member (presiding officer) rules (be charge of) the system

Other Characters:
Analyst, Designer, Developer, Sponsor

Infinity Squared

What is negative infinity squared?;_ylt=AjGFdByzKWWsuEJBWyd0Km8.3IlQ;_ylv=3?qid=20121025115323AAHpkgW

Is it defined? Also, any additional information about radicals (especially cubic and beyond) involving positive and negative infinity would be nice.

You had an answer: (-∞)^2 = ∞

Dear childwordsmith,

Before memorizing mechanical calculations, try to get to know what really happens with infinity and calculation.

1. infinity means, beyond a finite (system boundary/limit).

2. In 'a * b = c' equation,
a,b,c are in different scales, in turn they are in 3 different systems.
Therefore, 3 separate boundaries (limits), in turn finite and infinite considerations for each system may differ.

for example,
infinity of 'a' = infinity1
infinity of 'c' = infinity2
therefore, infinity to 'system of a' may or may not be infinity to 'system of c'.

suppose in a situation where,
size of system 'a' is equal to size of system 'c'.

Then, a given value for infinity to 'system of a' can be relatively (proportionately) considered as infinity to 'system of c'.

In your question, 'negative infinity squared' in a given system, the answer may be in infinity or unfinity.

unfinity is beyond completeness/whole/everything.


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"I always tell the Truth, even when I Lie" ~ Al Pacino film Scarface

What does it mean?

It's a great statement giving the speaker total freedom of expression.
No matter if he lies or if he tells the truth the statement remains true and the listener will never know if the statements made are true or false.

What is truth?
Truth means acceptable/ reasonable/ fair enough.
Human mind perceives truth by logical thinking.

Whether it may be a historical events, future prediction, mathematical proof, blind faith, etc, we need logical reasoning to be accepted as true.

Therefore, truth needs a condition.
What qualifies the condition is True and what disqualifies is untrue/ lie.

When we tell a story, it needs logical development to be true.
If the story is based on a hypothesis/ assumption, it is a lie, until the hypothesis is proved to be true.
Even if hypothesis is untrue, the lie can be logically developed as a true story.
"I always tell the Truth, even when I Lie" says it all.

Interesting to note, blind faith such as the concept of God cannot be proved, though it remains true.


God concept says, "God created Everything".
Even if I understand (stand-under) everything, I cannot know the God, because God is beyond everything.
Therefore, I have no evidence within everything to prove God.
In this case, I only can accept God as true, based on blind faith.

There is a way to prove God.
That is to overstand (stand-over) God, to observe God as evidence.
In this case, I can accept God as true, based on proof.

In Boolean  logic with base 2, truth is symbolized as 1. Untruth is symbol 0.

In fuzzy logic, combinations/composites of truths and untruths are layered multiple times to make confusion in logic in the range from truth to untruth.

What Next?

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  Mind vs Body


Create games, play & win/draw loose


Avoid Games to Rest in Peace?





Quantum Tele-Shopping




If God exists 


6 Deva Lokas 


2nd and 3rd Jhanas (ධ්‍යාන),



Where does


Quantum Tele-Shopping


Delete last job off CV

Following is from :


 Deleting last job off my cv?

My last job i had was the single worst job ive ever had in my life, Terrible company,paid late all the time and not in full. I gave only 1 week notice on the job as i am also having health problems at the moment, and i told the company this, but they didnt seem to care and still tried to push me to carry on with it,just an example of what kind of people im having to deal with!!   I want to totally delete them off my CV, but its the last job i had, any way to do that? As im sure they wont even bother giving me a reference and if they do they might bad mouth me to my next prospective employer, Not sure what to do?? What about the P45 issue? Doubt they will even issue one as they are just basically the worst company in existance, thats just me being honest was one of the worst jobs ive ever had in my life, cheers any help wuold be really appreciated

Additional Details

Anyone that has been in a similar situation wuold really like to hear from ureselves :) All i really wana know is the best way to cover myself and shuold i say my P45 IS lost? or not sent


 I can feel your anger and frustration. Let me explain you from a legal point of view.

First you are a people (a human) with flesh and blood and not a fictional person. You can have many persons (memberships from different societies).

The society creates an account (person) at registration for membership (birth certificate & social security number). P45 issue comes as a transaction in that account.

You cannot just wipe off/delete a transaction in accountancy. There is a double entry rule to negate a transaction. This method is used in criminal justice.

Unfortunately, your account and the other account associated with double entry are system property and if you change them by force, it would be considered as a crime under their books.

CV may seem to you as a history document, but it is a legal sworn/ affidavit to rebind you to the account. That is why, misinformation at CV or job interview may result in legal punishment.

My dear friend, you and millions of people may not know that you and they are registered as public slaves (human as a resource) and power (find out how private slavery is transferred, constitutionally) of the society you always defend can crush you.

This is serious, when robots harm people.

With sincerity, please think as human and find a way out. There are many ways to take control of the fictional system and benefit man kind.

Think as Human

Following is from :


I am undocumented ilegal imigran my lawyer reject my case what do I do no money no job?


Think as human, not mentally bonded to a fiction. All these states and codes are fictional. 

You are an alien (outsider)/ aboriginal (ab+original like ab+normal) to the system.

Never call yourself as an illegal immigrant, which makes you criminalized by standing under their code.

Do not let them judge you under their code. Simple as that. Stand like a man & do not hide, because law is with you as the master. You should be able to handle a giant fictional slave.

Read the 'Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp' story. It is not just a fantasy. The giant fictional system slave has to say "Your Wish is my Command".

First you need proof of identity, a recommendation of a trusted friend (may be your relative) that the system recognizes as citizen by naturalization (by birth). It is a strong stand in law.

Tell that you are a freeman (not a member of the society) who WISH to be a member of the society to use their currency (money), which gives you opportunity to earn and spend their money, that they have right to tax.

Your looks or history has no relevance. If they enquirer them, say "No Comment".
Also, remove all Mr. (fictional status) parts in your name.

The proof of identity, alone can win your side of the case. The system will obey you.

Be brave and go get a conditional membership/identity in the society to have a better future.
Even if they reject your membership, ask them a remedy from their monopoly system, to make a living, because you are a freeman by nature.

Remember, Attorney at Law does not mean a lawyer. If Lawyer is like a doctor, an Attorney is like an attendant in hospital. Don't let them control you, but make use of them intelligently.

Unfortunately, many intelligent people would find my comments as terrorism, because they are head-hunted and absorbed by the system. They are partial to defend the system, because they betray humanity by enjoying the temporary privileges offered by the system.

Funny thing is, when they get their a-s-s kicked by the very beast they adored, they get frustrated and angry, because they were brain-washed to not to be smart to know their inalienable and unalienable human rights they are born with.

Are they intelligent enough to solve a simple fundamental problem on their own?


God of Gods' Eyes
Watch other videos in this youtube channel to get some education.
You have nothing to loose, but to get your inheritance back!