Saturday, December 22, 2012

Buddhist Holy (wholly) war

Born will die.

Re-birth can extend it’s existence.

Buddhism considers 5 aggregates as self-recursion.
Rebirth (punar+uthpaththi) of all 5 aggregates is called reincarnation (punar+bhava).

Avijja paccaya Sankhara   - Lack of scientific knowledge arise volition (editing)
Sankhara paccaya Vinnana – volition arises infinitesimal knowledge (self rebirth)

  • Therefore, Buddhism generates a separate main-self with scientific knowledge and empowers it.
  • This scientific main-self does not have rebirth. So, it expires it’s existence at the end of it’s life-cycle.

  • Scientific-main-self declares war with other non-scientific-main-selves to end their rebirth.
  • This is holy war in Buddhism.
  • The war between powers of light vs powers of darkness. More power matters.

Why separate self?
  • No system can suicide itself without external help. (call for suicide bomber)
  • Therefore, a limited existence scientific-self is used for complete system shutdown.

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