Thursday, December 20, 2012

References to Niyama


What are the original references to Fivefold Niyama of the Buddhist Cosmic Order in Tipitaka?
utu-niyama: the caloric order
bija-niyama: the germinal order
kamma-niyama: the moral order
citta-niyama: the psychical order
dhamma-niyama: natural phenomenal sequence

The 5 Niyama dhammas are wrongly interpreted with general usage terminology.
They need to be interpreted within Buddhist cosmology (Kaama, Ruupa, Aruupa worlds).

All 5 Niyamas have relevance to cause-&-effect.

Dhamma-niyama Sutta gives little information.
What are the original references to all Fivefold Niyamas?

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
Buddhism is all about mind. Even Human body is not external to mind.
Anything you perceive (including conventional external world and 6 senses) are mental pictures.
Therefore, 'natural environment' you mentioned is 'mental pictures', described by Buddhist cosmology.

Your references are someone's interpretations.
Could you reference the sources (pali suttas) of 'pancha niyama dhamma'?
As I mentioned, 'Dhamma-niyama Sutta' does not describe other Niyamas.


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