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Wise to read symbolism in Buddhist scriptures?


Are you wise to read symbolism in Buddhist scriptures?
This question is in response to the aforesaid Best Answer - Chosen by Voters and my below question:;_ylt=Aq521EoisIizl3v8llU7LNghBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121228182452AAWX4nE

Number '2' is introduced to a child using 'fingers' (visual application)
Number 2 is not limited to fingers and used for binary, hex, square root, etc in advanced manner.

Since the scope of Buddhism is mind and mind only (including nibbana), why popular Buddhism is always narrowed to 'projection at society'?
(Buddhism is not a social religion, and considering as such by religious societies is devaluing the core of Buddhism, which is to be free from attachment to systems/'nyaya')

There is a difference in getting to know a 3D vertical pole 'stambha' as it is, compared to understanding it's 2D horizontal shadow.

Are there wise people studying Buddhism who wish to get out of the curse of being state of child?
I would like to have a meaningful discussion with them.

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
1. As per your reference to Nyanatiloka Dictionary, (nir + √vā, to cease blowing, to become extinguished) has the same interpretation to nis+vana as cessation from 'growth of defilement' or 'cravings'. Was your concern 'vā' in 'vāna'?

2. Theravadin (learn from adults) is not a constant to be a true Buddhist without "right view" (not assumed right view). It has bearing on the intelligence of an individual.

3. The popular interpretation of Buddhism by monks is with contradictions.
How can there be previous births of Buddha as a man in Jataka stories, when reincarnation (bhava) is association of 5 clinging aggregates and 'bhava' refer to cittakkhaṇa (not afterlife of a man). Do 'bodhisatva' as an animal talk to people?
Getting data from Buddhist scriptures is not enough. They need to be processed. (read the symbols to know the message)…

4. Are Buddhist monks do more than what you stated (postman service of Dhamma), like accumulate money in bank and buy property? Are those monks Supati-panno, Ujupati-panno, puññakkhetam, etc? Get real.

Currently Buddhism produce certified walking encyclopedias (better store data in a DVD) with false interpretations and leaders use Buddhism to surrender people for ordering societies as way of life.
Could there be fruitful discussions in Buddhism which is unconditionally open to 'ehipassiko' (challenge)?

Buddhist societies do not allow that for a monk as a judge who gets jurisdiction over followers in dhamma talks. Even if a follower stands up, monk looses his status. Know the law discussed behind the curtains.

If there are questions need to be answered in your comment, please let me know.

Command input to a Robot: "So whenever you counter a word, unless stated by experts, you shouldn't think in any symbolic idea at all."

Answer of [Fake Genius]

to be honest, i don't know much. i can answer because i have references online. without references, i'm just ignorant. i know some dhamma but i cannot talk about it without references. i haven't memorized anything much.

best answer: There are some troubles with your answer.

Vana is yes, deep forest (there are different names for forest).
Nibbanna is nothing to do with vana. You should look in Nyanatiloka Dictionary.…

You can check that dictionary whenever you have a word and want the meaning for it.

31 planes of existence…

We know animals - tiracchāna-yoni (see in that dictionary)
We also know ghosts etc: peta
We also know demon: asura (asurakaya)

Human, animal, ghost and demon share the surface of this earth. niraya : hell, is inside this earth.…
You can search any word on that site too.

if you want to discuss about the 31 realms of existence, you can write to me for any particular idea. you're welcome at all.

I answered your 2nd question the way I should answer. any doubt you have, let me know.
I don't follow any institution with any agenda. i don't know one like that. i don't follow one like that. i don't know why you think i did.

memorizing dhamma is necessary. unless you know the dhamma, you cannot follow it. you don't have to know much - but must know enough. That is to practice the dhamma.…

The Buddha then said to the bhikkhus, "Bhikkhus, those who love and revere me should act like Attadattha. You are not paying me homage by just offering flowers, perfumes and incense and by coming to see me; you pay me homage only by practising the Dhamma I have taught you, i.e., the Lokuttara Dhamma."

Frankly, symbolism is Buddhism is limited and not indirectly. Symbolism is clearly stated as symbolism. So whenever you counter a word, unless stated by experts, you shouldn't think in any symbolic idea at all.

Lotus - is the only symbol that's significantly important.…

Actually, you can leave all superstition behind. Just practice what is practical - samatha vipassana. Buddhism is just that.


...why popular Buddhism is always narrowed to 'projection at society'?
Idk about popular Buddhism. I've told you I'm a Theravadin (from Theravada Buddhism). Mind and mind only is not right either. There are namma and rupa and we must know both. This is very important for development and the "right view".

Right View is the first thing you have to develop in Buddhism. That is number one of the Noble Eight-fold Path.

Buddhism does need the society both for support and existence. Buddhism exists for mankind just like any science and technology. The Buddha could avoid teaching anyone at all. But as we want freedom ourselves, we want to follow the teaching of the Buddha. Here, Buddhism is all about one's motivation - it's just like a school or university where anyone who wants knowledge and freedom can go and learn and qualify.

Look for the word "sasana" in the dictionary.

People are different. They follow Buddhism their ways. Monks do teach them how to follow Buddhism. Some follow according to different monks too. Don't talk about how people follow what they want to follow. Just think about what the Buddha Himself had to give and wanted His followers to do. Good Buddhists follow the teaching of the Buddha (Buddha Sasana) as the Buddha wanted.

The rest, Idk what you're talking about. Elaborate a little more.


you can discuss with them.


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