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Buddhist scripture symbolic meanings


Should Buddhist scriptures be interpreted by reading the symbolic meanings?

[Fake Genius] stated "Frankly, symbolism is Buddhism is limited and not indirectly. Symbolism is clearly stated as symbolism. So whenever you counter a word, unless stated by experts, you shouldn't think in any symbolic idea at all. Lotus - is the only symbol that's significantly important";_ylt=Ats4yD_4cN3HF5.DXxuQCxUhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121229212212AAxU1i7

Let me reference some places where symbolism is used in Buddhism:

Dhammapada Verse 67 - Kassaka Vatthu - The Story of a Farmer:
The Buddha seeing the packet of money said to the Venerable Ananda, "Ananda, look at that very poisonous snake,"
Are snake/serpent, Ananda & Buddha symbols in Buddhism?

Also check Alagaddupama Sutta (MN 22): The Discourse on the Snake Simile

Sn 1.1 PTS: Sn 1-17 - Uraga Sutta: The Snake
Is decayed snake skin a symbol?

Agama Sutras of Digha Nikaya - Karma (The Four Wives)

Vessantara = Ves + antara = interpersonal

I can go on referencing symbols in Buddhist scriptures.
All terms, including letters (dha = holding, ra = stream, nna =ja=generate) are symbols.

Should we interpret Buddhist scriptures on face value (popular Buddhism) OR after processing the symbols and cross-checking for conflicts with the rest?

Popular Buddhist interpretation is conflicting with it's core and magical (fake).

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
You might even see Buddhist flag with 5 colors, Dhamma wheel and Swastika symbols used in Buddhism in the same view you see Lotus. Also, if you visit a temple, the Idols like Buddhist statute, Stupa/Chitya (Datu Garbha), Bodhi Tree, structure of Pagodas, the number of step you climb are symbols of concepts for intelligent viewers.

A change of a pulse is a symbol for a sharp mind (perceive as 'sanna'). Even a letter is a symbol.
I see that you have a narrowed definition for the term symbol.
Who holds you to do so? Move to the next level to see things openly.

A symbol is a mental picture that can have different interpretations based on how it relates to other symbols (cross check) within a scope and the level of interpreter's knowledge, concentration and view.
"A picture is worth than a thousand words."

Comparison between two things as an Analogy is comparing the attributes (symbols) in symbols.

Buddhist scriptures are written by highly intelligent people who researched on mind and not by commoners who say social things vaguely with no respect to integrity. Unless the reader reads the symbolism correctly in ancient scriptures in the likes of Buddhist Tipitaka, it is impossible to get the correct view and will end-up following a wrong path.

Suggest to study Information systems/technology (encoding, encryption, authentication, cryptography, etc) before touching on the Idea base (Dhamma Skanda) of Buddhism.
I like to see an open minded (not dogmatic) community for fruitful discussions.
Otherwise, whoever depends on popular Buddhism will conclude a dream never came true..

Who gets a knife is important to differentiate a surgeon, a butcher and a monkey!
Buddhism is for the wise!!
About Buddhism is for the not so wise!!!


Can God see Imaginary Numbers?


Can God see the difference in Imaginary Numbers and Real Numbers?

 If unable to answer the question directly, it is advised to consult God of Gods' Eyes.

A reputed university must unconditionally sponsor the research of 'who know imaginary through God's eye', if knowledge of 'Imaginary numbers' is to be revealed, where narrowed minds would open-up to global mathematics.

The above offer would be a win-win deal for knowledge.
Is it a big ask for the sake of 'Imaginary Numbers' and God?



Difference of Buddhism and Hinduism

Question: of [Jay];_ylt=ArjMKp32JNEz2pCzzCA20YMhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121226133357AAB0qm4

Difference of Buddhism and Hinduism?


The significance difference of Buddhism and Hinduism as follows:

Hinduism is based on 'Nyaya' meaning system and permanent God (Maha Brahma) the all soles liberate to. There can be more or less dialects in belief.

In Buddhism, '14 Maha Brahma' is in 'Rupa world'.

The nibbana in Buddhism is to be free from all 3 main worlds:
1. Kama loka (sense world referring to definitions)
2. Rupa loka (body of the definition)
3. Arupa/naama loka (name/reference of definition)

Therefore, the core of Hinduism is to maintain the system, and the core of Buddhism is it's opposite, that is to free from attachment to system.

Free from attachment to system is free from worldly conditioning, the complete solution to suffering (Dhukkha)


Tipitaka & Vedanta

Sukkah in Jewish and Buddhism


Why Sukkah is common to Jewish and Buddhism?
'Sukkah' for Jewish is worldly sensation, a joyous occasion to eat, sleep and otherwise spend time.

In Buddhism,
'nibbanam paramam sukham'
meaning detachment (freedom) from worldly sensations is 'ultimate Sukkah'.

Why opposite meanings for the same term?

Does the missing part (Shelter of Faith / dependence on God) make any difference to worldly sensation (pleasing 6 senses)?

Do Jewish view God as permanent to seek dependence?

Check the place for creator God (Maha Brahma) viewed as permanent.

@Fake Genius,
Your suggestion confirms with commonality at bonfire & child sacrifice in Jewish Holocaust and Hindu Holli day festival.

Mosaic Code


Are 10 Commandments just a sample of 613 Mosaic Code as per Jewish belief?

This question is asked in response to 636 Mosaic codes referenced by [dewcoons]

613 commandments/connections (mitzvot) first codified by Rabbi Simlai in Babylonian Talmud Makkot 23b(-24a), Deut. 33:04. (for the community of Jacob)
Also referenced by other Rabbi.

But, no early work of Jewish law or Biblical commentary depended on the 613 system and some rabbis declared that this count was not an authentic tradition.

The 613 Mitzvot do not constitute a formal code of present-day halakha-(Codes of Jewish law), since there are many formal codes of Jewish law developed over thousands of years (polymorphism).
Therefore 282 laws of Hammurabi could be a recorded source.

(mitzvot lo taaseh) negative commandments = 365 (number of days in the solar year)
(mitzvot aseh) positive commandments = 248 (number of bones and main organs in human body)
Total = 636


Moses's 611 commandments + first 2 of Ten Commandments (only ones directly from God)= 613

Additional Details

I read 'Jesus' symbol as the 'bad-debt account' to forgive sins of other accounts.
How do you read 'Jesus blood' symbol? As 'ink'?

I criticize my God, so what?


If your God is not my God, why do you get hurt, when I criticize my God?

Tolerate or escalate violence over Nothing is funny to me.

If I blast (insult), Pope the Pius or Muhammad or PingPong within the scopes of my God, why do you care?

Just because the hat fits your head, why do you wear? I cannot be responsible for your actions/judgements.

It is like, when the Government Corporation warrants their assert (person) to be arrested, and some people foolishly assume, that they must surrender their rights.

The result is, they give-up their freedom behind bars for ignorance.

Learn to live with knowing the possibilities of many worlds along with one and only your world , instead of projecting my God to be judge by yours.

Any comments, please?

Additional Details

In, there was a question with title "Will the world really end this year 2012? Is it possible?"

Do you think following answer is offensive and should be removed?

"Yes. the economic, political and social world end. You can see the signs, if you read the news. There will be a new bible. Some conspiracies say, it will be a totalitarian Government. I suggested Pope the Pius, a parallel Government model to give more options for citizens as customers."

Them do you think "Failed prophets, fools, those full of fraud" as a judgement is offensive too?

@Athene, Please focus on the Question, instead of playing with your own doll.
This is not a narrowed topic for you to give advice on an individual.
Your answer is a reflection of your mindset.

See it from a broad perspective.
Can't you see global political unrest over religious matters?

I agree with your comment.
It is also nice to see, how the "hardening of the heart" guys response, when they are put to the test.

My friend, thank you for respecting my differences.

With respect, this question is not a matter whether I respect your differences or not.
You only will get angry, if you wear MY hat, just because it fits your head and you claim it yours.
Who gave you that right over my hat? I never asked/demanded you to wear my hat.
I have all the rights to criticize my hat, and not your hat. So, mind your own business.
Don't you respect my rights to talk about my hat, by you getting angry?

This is a global application (need intelligent discussion), and not directed at you.



Same God through different views of creation?


Why Jewish, Islam and Christians believe in same God through different views of creation?

It seems that:
Jewish believe in 'Laws of God'
Muslim believe in 'Will of God'
Christian after adaptation of Jesus believe 'Love/forgiveness of God' (different to early Christians)

If same God, why different views, even to cause violence & world wars?

Are those different views based on updates in creation (using changed Bibles)?
For example:
Jewish belief after introduction of Mosaic Code (10 or 636)
Islam belief after Quraysh tribe military leader Mohammed dictated Quran
Modern Christian belief after introduction of Jesus who died for sins/debts of others


Additional Details

I like the explanation in your answer.
If your God is not my God, why do you get hurt, when I criticize my God?;_ylt=AgSmXdBFDLpZ3yr0rSBWIsEhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121001014825AAJZC0w

Is false doctrine AND/OR the worship of God forbidden for Jews to practice due to it's falsehood, but not viewed as idolatry?
Please clarify your comment.


Wise to read symbolism in Buddhist scriptures?


Are you wise to read symbolism in Buddhist scriptures?
This question is in response to the aforesaid Best Answer - Chosen by Voters and my below question:;_ylt=Aq521EoisIizl3v8llU7LNghBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121228182452AAWX4nE

Number '2' is introduced to a child using 'fingers' (visual application)
Number 2 is not limited to fingers and used for binary, hex, square root, etc in advanced manner.

Since the scope of Buddhism is mind and mind only (including nibbana), why popular Buddhism is always narrowed to 'projection at society'?
(Buddhism is not a social religion, and considering as such by religious societies is devaluing the core of Buddhism, which is to be free from attachment to systems/'nyaya')

There is a difference in getting to know a 3D vertical pole 'stambha' as it is, compared to understanding it's 2D horizontal shadow.

Are there wise people studying Buddhism who wish to get out of the curse of being state of child?
I would like to have a meaningful discussion with them.

Additional Details

@Fake Genius,
1. As per your reference to Nyanatiloka Dictionary, (nir + √vā, to cease blowing, to become extinguished) has the same interpretation to nis+vana as cessation from 'growth of defilement' or 'cravings'. Was your concern 'vā' in 'vāna'?

2. Theravadin (learn from adults) is not a constant to be a true Buddhist without "right view" (not assumed right view). It has bearing on the intelligence of an individual.

3. The popular interpretation of Buddhism by monks is with contradictions.
How can there be previous births of Buddha as a man in Jataka stories, when reincarnation (bhava) is association of 5 clinging aggregates and 'bhava' refer to cittakkhaṇa (not afterlife of a man). Do 'bodhisatva' as an animal talk to people?
Getting data from Buddhist scriptures is not enough. They need to be processed. (read the symbols to know the message)…

4. Are Buddhist monks do more than what you stated (postman service of Dhamma), like accumulate money in bank and buy property? Are those monks Supati-panno, Ujupati-panno, puññakkhetam, etc? Get real.

Currently Buddhism produce certified walking encyclopedias (better store data in a DVD) with false interpretations and leaders use Buddhism to surrender people for ordering societies as way of life.
Could there be fruitful discussions in Buddhism which is unconditionally open to 'ehipassiko' (challenge)?

Buddhist societies do not allow that for a monk as a judge who gets jurisdiction over followers in dhamma talks. Even if a follower stands up, monk looses his status. Know the law discussed behind the curtains.

If there are questions need to be answered in your comment, please let me know.

Command input to a Robot: "So whenever you counter a word, unless stated by experts, you shouldn't think in any symbolic idea at all."

Answer of [Fake Genius]

to be honest, i don't know much. i can answer because i have references online. without references, i'm just ignorant. i know some dhamma but i cannot talk about it without references. i haven't memorized anything much.

best answer: There are some troubles with your answer.

Vana is yes, deep forest (there are different names for forest).
Nibbanna is nothing to do with vana. You should look in Nyanatiloka Dictionary.…

You can check that dictionary whenever you have a word and want the meaning for it.

31 planes of existence…

We know animals - tiracchāna-yoni (see in that dictionary)
We also know ghosts etc: peta
We also know demon: asura (asurakaya)

Human, animal, ghost and demon share the surface of this earth. niraya : hell, is inside this earth.…
You can search any word on that site too.

if you want to discuss about the 31 realms of existence, you can write to me for any particular idea. you're welcome at all.

I answered your 2nd question the way I should answer. any doubt you have, let me know.
I don't follow any institution with any agenda. i don't know one like that. i don't follow one like that. i don't know why you think i did.

memorizing dhamma is necessary. unless you know the dhamma, you cannot follow it. you don't have to know much - but must know enough. That is to practice the dhamma.…

The Buddha then said to the bhikkhus, "Bhikkhus, those who love and revere me should act like Attadattha. You are not paying me homage by just offering flowers, perfumes and incense and by coming to see me; you pay me homage only by practising the Dhamma I have taught you, i.e., the Lokuttara Dhamma."

Frankly, symbolism is Buddhism is limited and not indirectly. Symbolism is clearly stated as symbolism. So whenever you counter a word, unless stated by experts, you shouldn't think in any symbolic idea at all.

Lotus - is the only symbol that's significantly important.…

Actually, you can leave all superstition behind. Just practice what is practical - samatha vipassana. Buddhism is just that.


...why popular Buddhism is always narrowed to 'projection at society'?
Idk about popular Buddhism. I've told you I'm a Theravadin (from Theravada Buddhism). Mind and mind only is not right either. There are namma and rupa and we must know both. This is very important for development and the "right view".

Right View is the first thing you have to develop in Buddhism. That is number one of the Noble Eight-fold Path.

Buddhism does need the society both for support and existence. Buddhism exists for mankind just like any science and technology. The Buddha could avoid teaching anyone at all. But as we want freedom ourselves, we want to follow the teaching of the Buddha. Here, Buddhism is all about one's motivation - it's just like a school or university where anyone who wants knowledge and freedom can go and learn and qualify.

Look for the word "sasana" in the dictionary.

People are different. They follow Buddhism their ways. Monks do teach them how to follow Buddhism. Some follow according to different monks too. Don't talk about how people follow what they want to follow. Just think about what the Buddha Himself had to give and wanted His followers to do. Good Buddhists follow the teaching of the Buddha (Buddha Sasana) as the Buddha wanted.

The rest, Idk what you're talking about. Elaborate a little more.


you can discuss with them.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Renounce Citizenship


What are the benefits of a Government to people of a country who renounce citizenship?…

Renunciation of citizenship is particularly relevant in cases of multiple citizenship.

But this question directs at Give up (Renunciation) of all citizenship to be free from submitting human rights for privileges & punishments (including Taxation) of fictional Government systems.

Since Government(s) (fictional corporation) act(s) as monopoly in a country with assumption to own from under the ground to above the sky and waters, what are the remedies for living breathing people with flesh & blood who do not wish to submit under the said fiction?

Can master (people) make use of the slave (fictional government, which can be put on paper) without submitting to it?

All questions focused at same concern.

Additional Details

'person' your answer based on is a fiction.
Would you satisfy to have a wound in your left hand as comfort, because you hate to feel pain of a wound in your right hand or would you seek for a complete remedy to cure all wounds?
Mind you, never underestimate Global governments like Crown Corporation including IMF, UN,etc with universal (Catholic) legal system.
I do not see your solution is feasible for people who do not wish to compromise freedom.
Patch works hide the problem, not solve it.


Visakha in Buddhism


What are Visakha, Sakkha and Vesak in Buddhism?

As per popular Buddhism:
Viśākhā was one of the chief female lay disciples of the Buddha. She became a stream-enterer and died at the age of 120.

Lets study the term symbolically:
page 288, 289,

= ‘King of Gods’ in Tàvatiüsa (heaven of the Thirty-Three)

= sat-kàya = ‘existing group’/ ‘personality’
= 5 clinging group of existence (upàdàna-kkhandha)
1. Nama & Rupa 2. Vedana 3. Sanna 4. Sankhara 5. Vinnana
= not, sva-kàya, ‘own group’

“Sakkàya, O Brother Visàkha, is said by the Blessed One to be a name for the 5 ‘groups as objects of clinging’

4 types x 5 groups of existence = 20 kinds of personality belief
Visākha = having branches

visākhā = lunar mansion (nakkhatta) or month (see vesākha)

Visàkha = Vi + sàkkha = Infinitesimal 5 clinging Aggregates?

Can you see the relationship in Visakha, Sakkha and Vesak festival using 3rd eye?

Additional Details

sakha/sakhi = friend
sakhaṁ, sakhāro:→sakhi
saka = relation
saka+dā+gāmī = Once-returner
ratha+cakka = Riya+Saka = chariot wheel
saka+mana = joyful

@Fake Genius,
Why should a Buddhist be religious, narrow minded, bureaucratic & dumb to parrot what is told to memorize by the institutions with agendas?
Shouldn't a true Buddhist be free to use wisdom and to read symbols when studying Buddhist Dhamma?


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Animal Justice


Is it justified to kill people to prevent them from killing animals?

Both Animals and People are equal to the nature, although personal interpretations of personal God(s) may state otherwise.

Science seems to consider that People are Animals with ability to think advanced ideas. Birth, Death, existence, feelings, etc are same in nature.

Do Two Wrongs Make a Right? 

For example:
1. U.S justified in launching a pre-emptive strike at Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein to use assumed weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological weapons)

2. U.S. invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 demolition of U.S. asserts to prevent assumed Al Kaida terrorist organization to assume enslave the People of America.

3. 'A' shot at 'B' to prevent 'B' from shooting at 'A'.

Is it a Fallacy to do Two Wrongs to Make a Right?

Additional Details

@Skippy Doolittle,
Animals including People are part of the food chain.
Can you answer the question?

Please do not consider hierarchical price rating scale for asserts/resources defined in fictional corporations in the likes of Governments. Answer with natural justice.

This question is categorized under 'Law & Ethics' for the wise & knowledgeable to answer.

@Jamison B,
The question excludes personal interpretations of personal God(s).

@Mark F,
I assure that I would not harm you. So, be confident to read the question carefully to answer with confidence.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Forest in Buddhism

Question: [Sang]

Was buddha not disturbed by wild animals and insects when meditating in the forest?

not to mention rain / cold /chill /hot , etc...personal hygiene

The answer is Neither YES nor NO, because we should not mix terms in 2 different systems.

In common usage the term 'forest' is a dense growth of trees where wild animals and insects live.

The Pali term 'vaṇa/vāna' refers to: 'forest' as well as a 'wound' like a rash.

The symbolic meaning is 'growth'.
In Buddhism, 'vaṇa' is 'growth of defilement' or 'cravings'.

The word to the Pāli Buddhist forms a connection between vana and nibbāna, which is felt as a quâsi derivation fr. nibbana= nis+vana.

It is important to clarify that Buddhist Cosmology (31 planes of existence) is a separate model to explain the 'dependent origination or existence of ideas' in Buddhism. It is NOT what Nasa is researching using Rockets.

Buddhism is 'Akalika'. Therefore, popular meaning as history of Buddhism is fake and has a different meaning in the likes of 'idols'. (geographic laboratory for the wise)

If I explain the symbolism in Buddhist scriptures, the religious Buddhists (including Buddhist monks) would open their 3rd eye.

(Buddha is a symbol, not a man who eat and shi-t like you do)


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Read Symbolism in Bible


Do you know how to read symbolism in the Bible?

Bible,Quran,Tipitaka,Vedas are knowledge bases written by wise people, not fantasies to be read as bed-time stories and to be entertained at face value.
They are encrypted with layers and layers of symbolism.
Only a sharp mind can penetrate them to get to know the intended message by their authors.

How could shallow-minded idiots reference such valuable hard-earned knowledge as a defense to justify their narrow-minded acts?

I wonder why and how spell-binding religious institutions disrespect such valuable knowledge by promoting misinterpretations to the public?
What could happen if a snake is held from a wrong place, or fire/knife mishandled by a child?
Same happen if you misread the knowledge.

Additional Details

God is omnipotent as described in Bible like Microsoft corporation is omnipotent over it's software (MS-Windows, MS-Word, etc).
Don't doubt about it.

Should I laugh or should I cry after reading your comment?


Trinity in Bible


Is Trinity in Bible like an Author playing a character in his own story?

The Trinity is one God existing in three Persons.

Take for example:
Sherlock Holmes fictional stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who himself played the character of John H. Watson, known as Dr. Watson.
(Few years back I visited Sherlock Holmes Museum located next to Madam Tussaud's wax museum in London)

Father = Author of the Book (Conan Doyle)
Son = Dr. Watson
Message = Read the Sherlock Holmes's mental processes

Father = Author of Bible Stories (Accounts book)
Son = Jesus (Bad Debt Account), etc
Message = Absorb all debts (sins) of other accounts like IMF to liberate the deadlock system (story) to function. {balance the account debt deficits to start fresh}

Here, author the creator of stories can be a corporation or society or forum with a single name (one God), where many persons assume to contribute under the good name.

Can you read the symbolism in Bible to challenge the parroted childish propaganda?
Wake-up your wisdom!


Lawful Fictional Governments


Is it lawful for fictional Governments to profit from killing the living breathing animals?

This is a LAW (not legal) question.

Governments are fictional. The constitution is put on paper and can be used to wipe a-s-s.
Animals like people, breath and live with flesh and blood.
Governments directly and/or indirectly make profits by farming animals and slaughtering them without animal's consideration and consent.

How LAWFUL are such Government policies?

Additional Details

@Boris, The question is about Lawfulness in Killing animals for profit by fictions, not eating them by living breathing people.

Animal is master, fiction is slave (master-slave relationship).
No animal willingly and lawfully agree to act for fictions.
So, can Governments lawfully exist?

How ignorant some people are to believe "Governments are not fictional"? It is no surprise to hunt their rights as state of child by the nanny governments and the few who know the law. Mass media is responsible for brain-washing the masses and hiding the truth to make them herded like sheep.
What can I do for that?

Please learn the fundamentals of law for your own sake. Then you'll be qualified to answer this question.


Animals Rights over Fictions


Do animals have rights to not to be farmed and killed by fictional persons?

Additional Details

Only [Sheila] seems to have a grasp of the question.
People can have many persons (masks/memberships/accounts). People act the role (job description) defined under fictional person like acting on stage by wearing a mask.
People is the master and fictional person is the slave (master-slave relationship). Slave can not kill master. Therefore, people do have rights to not be killed by fictional persons.
Can you answer my question?

Some demonstrate ignorance in basics of Law and not qualified to answer this interesting question.
What can I do for that?


Harm you as Christmas promotion


Would you like others to harm you as a Christmas promotion?

If not, why do you kill or justify killing powerless animals in the God's name??
Why can't you guys spread the love to all beings?

Additional Details

Did you just wake-up to NOT know how powerless innocent animals are killed to celebrate Christmas in Devil's name, though assumed as God's name?
Immaturity and primitive perhaps!
Silly claim, isn't it to show empathy towards others?

@Fake Genius,
Are you deliberately forgetting the supply-demand chain to justify frozen meat bought from the shop as non-killing animals?
Do shops sell naturally dead meat (not farmed & slaughtered)?
Confusion with dualities in thought is fraud (hiding the truth) like black-magic.


God cruelty


Do God believers promote animal cruelty or justify greed for flesh by using God?

How can a loving heart willingly kill or support to kill an animal life?
or Are you suggesting that Bible is all about hypocrisy regarding love?

"Animals don't have a sole" by pointing at a man-written text is a rubbish argument, any fool can do.

Justification to kill animals as food are devils voices disrespecting others lives, and not suitable for people with advanced minds.

Would you eat your neighbor as long as you can digest his flesh (obvious food chain) by calling him 'fish' and pointing at the bible for justification?

This blood game is not funny for animals with feelings.

Additional Details

Have a look at the comment to my previous question "Why Jesus failed to show God's love towards innocent animals?";_ylt=AjanltItUKnL_oqo9now3WIhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121224172850AAFSJ5e

Can you be proud to be human?

@Tony, Are you suggesting that you should be considered as your neighbor's food for Christmas dinner (if he calls you 'fish')?

@Bob W,
Please check if you have misread Bible about God and can you think fresh as human to respect others?

This question is not directly advising you what to eat and what not to eat.
Why can't you respect other lives in the God's name, specially the powerless animals?
Would you like others to harm you as a Christmas promotion?

It is not a matter of legitimate personal lifestyle choice to take lives of others.
Text written on paper is nothing to justify killing others.
With respect, even you can wipe a-ss with that paper.

@scrubbag, No you're addressing a point not relevant to this question.
Question doesn't address eating naturally dead animals as per your choice.
Farm to kill innocent powerless animals and to promote such activities is not natural.
It shows how selfish and cruel minded some people are.
Would you like anyone to do same to you?

Parallel Governments


Can there be Parallel governments in a country?

Government is a monopoly corporation for a country.
Distribution and centralization of powers is old school of thinking.

If there is a strong demand, but less supply, then the bargaining power of the customer (citizen) goes down.

Since Government is a fictional corporation (constitution put on paper), why can't there be many parallel governments for better service to people through competition?

Why desperately protest for anything in streets, if there are options to choose?


Jesus love for Animals


Why Jesus failed to show God's love towards innocent animals?

Animals are farmed and killed for Christmas dinner. eg: turkey, chicken,etc

If you were farmed and killed by your neighbor, would you consider that God loves you?

Why inconsistent love?

Additional Details

Are all God believers promote animal cruelty or are you guys justify your greed for others' flesh by using God? How can a loving heart willingly kill or support to kill an animal life?
or Are you suggesting that Bible is all about hypocrisy regarding love?
All comments seem to be devils voices, disrespecting others lives.
Animals don't have a sole by pointing at a man-written text is a rubbish argument, any fool can do.

Would you eat your neighbor as long as you can digest his flesh (obvious food chain) by calling him 'fish' and pointing at the bible for justification?
This blood game is not funny for animals with feelings.

@Richard P.,
Do you consider human as master and animals as slave (master-slave relationship) for your logic to work?
You sound duality in believing to treat animals humanely and killing them. "we don't simply use what it says as justification blindly" and you refer to Timothy 3:16. We admire honesty.
Whatever you believe is not a problem as long as you respect others (including powerless animals).
I can think as human and use justification as well as you do.
Why can't you think further beyond primitive level to not to justify killing animals?

Crocodiles are designed to eat Humans. Why don't you be dinner for this Christmas as per the God's design? I read Genesis differently (symbolic meaning), not the idiotic English interpretation.
The same bible was interpreted by fools to kill people in holly-wars.
Can you think like a good human to not to abuse nature by considering as resources (eg: human resource)?

"I buy humane meat. I can only trust the label." Funny isn't it?


Control of Knowledge


Why do few people get control of knowledge and many people get controlled by the same knowledge?

knowledge is knowledge in whatever subject, religion, belief, etc.

Additional Details

@Rusty Plastic,
Isn't it a problem of under-standing and over-standing the same knowledge?

Think out of Religions


Can people think out of what is taught by religions?

Additional Details

@harpertara, The suggested society ( seems to be an all-in-one religion.
Is there anything human can think outside all common belief, outside accepted history?


Symbolic Bible


What is the symbolic meaning of Bible about God, behind the popular story?


God introduce Jesus


Why did God introduce Jesus into his creation?

What was the malfunction in the system, where Jesus was brought to solve it? (absorb sins)

Additional Details

@Expanding Earth Believer,
If Jesus existed before Creation as per your reference, what is your point?

Moses Refuse Law


Did Moses brake the tablets by refusing to follow the 10 commandments?

Recipe for social/world order in 10 commandments (extracted by Hammurabi's code):

You shall not murder. (do not take other lives, including animals)
You shall not steal.(do not take, what belongs to other or what is not belonging to you)
You shall not commit adultery. (sexual/sensual misconduct)
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (lie/untruth/fraud/magic)

Hammurabi's code 282 laws
ham06.htm, ham07.htm

What was Jesus role in God's 10 Commandments?

Additional Details

@No Chance Without Jesus,
If murder is taking lives, why exception to animals as living beings?
Do you murder animals to symbolize breaking the 10 or 15 commandments of God?

Can people live happily without eating fish and without taking others' lives (including animals)? YES
Look around and you'll find many evidence to disprove your argument.


Tactics in Business


What are the main tactics in being success in business?


Being able to find a gap in the market, good unique selling point, and finding the market for you whether it be nieche or whole

[Jo W]
Making money and not running out of cash.

  • Decent controlled marketing program, using a variety of methods to let customers know you exist.
  • Spend carefully and where you get the best results for your spending, no fills just what you need.
  • Service is key to making and keeping customers and they provide word of mouth advertising for you.
  • Perform, do what you say and when you say it.
  • Be proactive so your company is flexible for changing market conditions and problems it encounters.
  • Do not over hire or over indulge keep expenses within reason, you'll need the money in the future.

Turkey feel about Christmas


How would Turkey and Chicken feel about Christmas?

Is it the time for God's love to call them home?


Knight moves in Chess


How to master the Knight moves in Chess?

How to know the positioning of Knight 3 moves in advance?
Is there a method to read the position?

Please demonstrate your answer by referencing to pictures (board positions).

Answer: [Pertokeyo]
Understanding where to see the knight in future moves takes some instinctive practice. There is this game I found many years ago that will master your skills as moving as a knight. It will improve your mental ability to use a knight in chess.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Light vs Darkness

  • The war between powers of light vs powers of darkness.
  • More power matters.
  • Light destroys darkness & darkness try to hide from light.

Light penetrates deep through layers
It is deep and simple. Takes no time to reveal the ultimate truth.

Darkness Limits at the layers
It uses repetition or conditioning to hide the truth, like in black-magic.

 (Recursive) Systems including Governments maintain existence using powers of darkness to deceive and control people.

Buddhist Holy (wholly) war

Born will die.

Re-birth can extend it’s existence.

Buddhism considers 5 aggregates as self-recursion.
Rebirth (punar+uthpaththi) of all 5 aggregates is called reincarnation (punar+bhava).

Avijja paccaya Sankhara   - Lack of scientific knowledge arise volition (editing)
Sankhara paccaya Vinnana – volition arises infinitesimal knowledge (self rebirth)

  • Therefore, Buddhism generates a separate main-self with scientific knowledge and empowers it.
  • This scientific main-self does not have rebirth. So, it expires it’s existence at the end of it’s life-cycle.

  • Scientific-main-self declares war with other non-scientific-main-selves to end their rebirth.
  • This is holy war in Buddhism.
  • The war between powers of light vs powers of darkness. More power matters.

Why separate self?
  • No system can suicide itself without external help. (call for suicide bomber)
  • Therefore, a limited existence scientific-self is used for complete system shutdown.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Self Hierarchy

Buddhist Cosmology (31-planes of existence):

 A self (definition/person) has 2 properties.

  • Naama = name = reference identity
  • Ruupa = description = content

For example:

Self network is hierarchical.

The main definition (#00) is main-self (my-self). 

There can be 1 or more main-selves to a living being.

The living being may empowers each and every self.

When a self ends it’s routing, it joins with main-self as liberation.

A self can be recursive. (repeats and moves forward)

For example:
If ‘I-2’ thinks of ‘I-1’, then ‘I-3’ is created.