Thursday, December 27, 2012

Animal Justice


Is it justified to kill people to prevent them from killing animals?

Both Animals and People are equal to the nature, although personal interpretations of personal God(s) may state otherwise.

Science seems to consider that People are Animals with ability to think advanced ideas. Birth, Death, existence, feelings, etc are same in nature.

Do Two Wrongs Make a Right? 

For example:
1. U.S justified in launching a pre-emptive strike at Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein to use assumed weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological weapons)

2. U.S. invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 demolition of U.S. asserts to prevent assumed Al Kaida terrorist organization to assume enslave the People of America.

3. 'A' shot at 'B' to prevent 'B' from shooting at 'A'.

Is it a Fallacy to do Two Wrongs to Make a Right?

Additional Details

@Skippy Doolittle,
Animals including People are part of the food chain.
Can you answer the question?

Please do not consider hierarchical price rating scale for asserts/resources defined in fictional corporations in the likes of Governments. Answer with natural justice.

This question is categorized under 'Law & Ethics' for the wise & knowledgeable to answer.

@Jamison B,
The question excludes personal interpretations of personal God(s).

@Mark F,
I assure that I would not harm you. So, be confident to read the question carefully to answer with confidence.


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