Thursday, December 20, 2012

Utu relate Citta


What is the interdependent relationship of Utu niyama to Citta Niyama in Buddhism?

samuṭṭhāna [saṁ+uṭṭhāna] = rising, origination, cause;

"taṃ (cittaṃ) samuṭṭhānānañ ca rūpānaṃ"
Utuja Rupa

Please do not memorize the popular interpretations of Buddhist scriptures, because they give a totally different message to the core of Buddhism. I wish you do some analysis into Buddhist terminology first.

How does Utu niyama effect Citta Niyama and vise verse?

Additional Details
Utuja Rupa Kalapa > Suddhattha Kalapa > Oja or Ahara Rupa (nutrition) under
Here, 'Ahara Rupa' doesn't mean food we eat. It is food for thought.



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