Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Learn Buddhist Dhamma

Many religious Buddhists (including monks) champion by receiving  bulk of raw data from Buddhist scriptures and memorize in order to show off (preach).
It is important to process the raw data well, to make use of acceptable information.

“Dhamma needs to be examined as the wise test the purity of gold by burning, cutting and examining it by means of a piece of touchstone”

Consider following analogies:  

Unless the raw data received from Buddhist scriptures are processed well, blind belief and/or conspiracy information, considered as (core of) Buddhism will be available.

Buddhism is deep, but not complicated.

Only puthujjana would scratch on the crust (worldly surface) to find Buddhism to be complicated and beyond imagination.
(puthu = far and wide ; jjana/janana/ñāṇa = knowledge/generating software)

The wise would suggest otherwise.

Therefore, Buddhism is for the wise and not for the dumb Buddhist Religions headed by so called Buddhist societies and Buddhist monks who abuse Buddhism to make a living..

Buddhist scriptures address Sra+mana (Mind Flux) & Bhikkus (students) only, and not spell-binding priests who assume/try to be masters (swamin wahansa) to control people.


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