Friday, December 28, 2012

Renounce Citizenship


What are the benefits of a Government to people of a country who renounce citizenship?…

Renunciation of citizenship is particularly relevant in cases of multiple citizenship.

But this question directs at Give up (Renunciation) of all citizenship to be free from submitting human rights for privileges & punishments (including Taxation) of fictional Government systems.

Since Government(s) (fictional corporation) act(s) as monopoly in a country with assumption to own from under the ground to above the sky and waters, what are the remedies for living breathing people with flesh & blood who do not wish to submit under the said fiction?

Can master (people) make use of the slave (fictional government, which can be put on paper) without submitting to it?

All questions focused at same concern.

Additional Details

'person' your answer based on is a fiction.
Would you satisfy to have a wound in your left hand as comfort, because you hate to feel pain of a wound in your right hand or would you seek for a complete remedy to cure all wounds?
Mind you, never underestimate Global governments like Crown Corporation including IMF, UN,etc with universal (Catholic) legal system.
I do not see your solution is feasible for people who do not wish to compromise freedom.
Patch works hide the problem, not solve it.


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