Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jesus love for Animals


Why Jesus failed to show God's love towards innocent animals?

Animals are farmed and killed for Christmas dinner. eg: turkey, chicken,etc

If you were farmed and killed by your neighbor, would you consider that God loves you?

Why inconsistent love?

Additional Details

Are all God believers promote animal cruelty or are you guys justify your greed for others' flesh by using God? How can a loving heart willingly kill or support to kill an animal life?
or Are you suggesting that Bible is all about hypocrisy regarding love?
All comments seem to be devils voices, disrespecting others lives.
Animals don't have a sole by pointing at a man-written text is a rubbish argument, any fool can do.

Would you eat your neighbor as long as you can digest his flesh (obvious food chain) by calling him 'fish' and pointing at the bible for justification?
This blood game is not funny for animals with feelings.

@Richard P.,
Do you consider human as master and animals as slave (master-slave relationship) for your logic to work?
You sound duality in believing to treat animals humanely and killing them. "we don't simply use what it says as justification blindly" and you refer to Timothy 3:16. We admire honesty.
Whatever you believe is not a problem as long as you respect others (including powerless animals).
I can think as human and use justification as well as you do.
Why can't you think further beyond primitive level to not to justify killing animals?

Crocodiles are designed to eat Humans. Why don't you be dinner for this Christmas as per the God's design? I read Genesis differently (symbolic meaning), not the idiotic English interpretation.
The same bible was interpreted by fools to kill people in holly-wars.
Can you think like a good human to not to abuse nature by considering as resources (eg: human resource)?

"I buy humane meat. I can only trust the label." Funny isn't it?


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