Friday, September 28, 2012

Re-Engineer God-0's Creation

If God-0 created everything, then
  How to recreate everything, from a conceptual view?

--If God-0’s creation-0 instance is like a static picture, then
    Creation is purely centralized
    God-0 has a sophisticated program to continuously create all other instances 
    The said instances can be created in real time or pre-programmed
    Man’s (God-1’s) creation is God-0’s creation (simply, man follows God’s creation)
    God is Intelligent and Man is Dumb
    God judges his (or his program’s) own actions at a judgment day

--If God-0’s creation-0 is dynamic, then
    Suggestion-1: Similar to object-oriented programming
    // There can be many suggestions from many different views

  ----If God-0’s creation is more centralized and less distributed, then

      God-0 judges his own action more than the man’s (God-1’s) actions

----If God-0’s creation is less centralized and more distributed, then

      God-0 judges man’s(God-1’s) actions more than his own

----If God-0’s creation is purely distributed, then

      God-0 can sit and watch, but can God-0 judge man’s (God-1’s) creation?

------If the same happen with Intelligent Robot (God-2’s) creation, then

           Can God-0 and man (God-1) judge on I-Robot’s (God-2’s) creation?

More Possibilities...

What if, Everything was created by more that one God? 
(team project)
What if, God was created by One or More Gods? 


Christian and/or Catholic (Universal) Vatican God is not necessarily the Creator of Nature (where rock,trees and animals live).
Therefore, Pop is the Pius (agent) of God who created the social, economic and political worlds.

  If so, end of the world means, changing to another new world order.

       - Moses Bible introduced "10 Commandments" (derived from Hammurabi's Code of Laws)

       - Jesus Bible introduced "Bad Debt Account" to absorb the sins/debts of the condemned (I.M.F.)

- New world order of PingPong Bible would be:

   + Conspiracy and/or preparation is, centralization
       (totalitarian one-world government)

   + GodofGods'Eyes suggestion is, parallel Governments 
               (instead of centralized and/or distributed monopolies)

       - more supply & less demand means,
                                         customer driven market/negotiation

       - an innovative information system
           (current technology can handle)

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