Friday, December 14, 2012

nirvana means

Question of [CheeseCake~]:

What does nirvana mean?

a. A heavenly world of peace and love between people
b. Having the self extinguished like a candle
c. Clear rational understanding of the laws of the universe
d. An exalted state in which one becomes a God or Goddess

b. Having the self extinguished like a candle

It is a metaphor to project what nirvana/nibbana is like into the sense based world (common senses), because super-mundane cannot be accurately expressed in worldly terms.

The known causes for candle light are:
1. fuel (candle wax)
2. oxygen
3. temperature

If one or more of the causes are removed, the candle flame will extinguish.
cause-&-effect. (If no cause, in turn, no effect)

Life cycle: 1. birth 2. existence 3. death
reproduction (rebirth) continues existence.

Buddhism explains 12 causes to continue existence called 'dependent origination'.
Removing one of them (break a link of the cycle) cease continuation of existence.

Heavenly (deva & brahma) worlds of peace and be one with the creator (moksa/LIBERATION) are lower stages of Buddhist cosmology. Buddhism goes further to nibbana/FREEDOM.

Correct interpretation of Buddhist cosmology will be explained once and for all at following blog (in near future).

So, be in touch to discuss and learn with an open mind.
(Do not be afraid to challenge and learn Buddhism - Never buy precious like gold without testing)

Popular fairy-tale Buddhism interpreted by worldly Buddhist monks (for their benefits) will be no more.
May be the greatest public challenge to clarify the core of Buddhism.


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