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Difference of Buddhism and Hinduism

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Difference of Buddhism and Hinduism?


The significance difference of Buddhism and Hinduism as follows:

Hinduism is based on 'Nyaya' meaning system and permanent God (Maha Brahma) the all soles liberate to. There can be more or less dialects in belief.

In Buddhism, '14 Maha Brahma' is in 'Rupa world'.

The nibbana in Buddhism is to be free from all 3 main worlds:
1. Kama loka (sense world referring to definitions)
2. Rupa loka (body of the definition)
3. Arupa/naama loka (name/reference of definition)

Therefore, the core of Hinduism is to maintain the system, and the core of Buddhism is it's opposite, that is to free from attachment to system.

Free from attachment to system is free from worldly conditioning, the complete solution to suffering (Dhukkha)


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