Sunday, February 3, 2013

worst of creatures in Quran


Is 'worst of creatures' the correct interpretation in Quran?

"Indeed, they who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding eternally therein. Those are the worst of creatures."

"... among the People ... are the worst of creatures"

Are conventional People called Creatures?…

"3. DEHUMANIZATION: One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. ..."

Additional Details

I think Islamic culture has many good values.
Even Mongols took notice in Islam, instead of destroying at invasion.

Why interpretations of Islam seem to contradict with current conventions?
Do we misinterpret Islam?

Even former UK prime-minister Tony Blair became the God's messenger to kill living people.…

This inhumanity should be stopped with correct education.

Look here,
Buddhist scriptures contain animal cruelty as metaphor, but interpreted wisely as taming mind.…


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