Thursday, February 21, 2013

Can a Muslim marry all 3 daughters of Mr. Mara


Can a Muslim marry all 3 daughters of Mr. Mara when a Buddhist has no interest to them?

Islam allows a man to marry up to four women.
Is it also permissible for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman?

Mr. Mara's 3 sexy daughters are:
1. Ms. Thanha,
2. Ms. Rathi and
3. Ms. Raga

Anyone interested to take care of them?

Additional Details

@John Quill,
Are they the attributes/values of any just society/community and individual, irrespective of religion, to stand up to challenge?
But, why do some Muslim attitudes towards non-Muslims, interpretations of Quran and tactical conversions to Islam give lawful reasons for continuous US attacks?
'Live by the sward and Die by the sward' may not be a wise man's choice.

Do you want to marry with Māra's (Mr. Death, the tempter for repeat birth meaning existence, where every born will die) daughters Taṇhā (Craving), rati (lust), and Raga (Passion) to expand Muslim population all over the world?

Why not free all Muslims from worldly sufferings, when Allah does not prevent you from suffering?

Do Muslims surrender and kneel to U.S. in Afganistan, Iraq, etc because of Allah's wish?

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