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Where do Maras abode?


Where do Maras abode in Buddhist Cosmology?

Samyutta Nikāya > Khandha Vagga > Radha Samyutta > Mara Sutta

Mara is anything that obstructs the attainment of enlightenment.
He is a tempter making the mundane alluring (negative) seem positive.
Desire Realm (Kāmadhātu) is under the domination of Māra and bound by sensual desire, resulting it's beings to suffering.

There are five types of symbolic Maras:
1. Kilesa Mara :
as the defilements (lobha,disa,moha)/ unskillful emotions that poisons mind.
2. Abhisankhara Mara :
as meritorious, demeritorious and imperturbable (anenja) creations
3. Khandha Mara :
as the entirety (5 aggregates) of conditioned existence.
4. Maccu Mara :
as the demon of death, whose followers are aging and illness. (we fear)
5. Devaputta Mara :
as son of a deva (god) seeking pleasure…

Buddhist Cosmology - 31 Planes of Existence mentions 'Paranimmita-vasavatti', the heaven of devas 'with power over (others') creations'
The ruler of this world is called Vasavatti.

This world is also home to Devaputta Māra, who endeavors to keep all beings of the Kāmadhātu in the grip of sensual pleasures.

Do other 4 Māras (Kilesa Mara, Abhisankhara Mara, Khandha Mara, Maccu Mara) also dwell at 'Paranimmita-vasavatti'?

Can Māra influence higher abodes like Mahābrahmā, Brahmapurohita, Brahmapārisajja?

Additional Details

Are there any references to Mara's influencing to Mahabrahma?

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