Monday, February 25, 2013

Does Allah prevent Muslims from worldly suffering?


Does Allah the almighty prevent Muslims from worldly suffering?

Māra's is Mr. Death, the tempter for repeat birth (existence), where the born is subject to worldly suffering (Aging, Sorrow, Lamentation, Pain, Grief, Despair and Death).

Ignorance (no science) is the cause of existence.

Māra has 3 daughters:
Taṇhā (Craving), rati (lust), and Raga (Passion), the must formula to give birth to more and more worldly beings, who are subject to suffering.

It is not a secret that Muslims are in the mission of population growth (with conflicts all over the world), using Quran as the divine guidance.

Can Quran guide to free all Muslims from worldly sufferings (a wise mission)?

If not be wise, US will do as per Allah's will.

Additional Details

Can the Holy Quran peacefully unite all Muslims using all it's powers?
We hear deadly fighting within Muslim communities using Sharia punishments.

Aren't the Muslims who surrender to human judgements in the name of Allah that suffer from such inhuman laws?

Life is short. Do you need suffer tests or a way to get rid of suffering?

@Fake Genius,
I suggest my fellow human Muslim brothers and sisters to frame your comment with gold!
Thank you for sharing wisdom. I honestly appreciate.

Muslims do moan when they face worldly suffering by throwing the personal reasoning in to Allah's account. If Allah promotes birth, can he take care of the suffering that follows with it?


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