Monday, February 25, 2013

Love the surrender state


Is Love the surrendered state, according to Buddhism?

Love is a blessing (positive curse).

Failing 'to love others' (to surrender others) and failing 'to be loved by others' (to be surrendered to others) are the situations where the sparks of war arise.

Freedom is to get rid of worldly states as of 'to love' and 'to be loved'.

Worldly beings
1. attract (Loba) to more power states (to be surrendered/ to be loved by them) and

2. repel (Dosa/Dvesa) when such states get weak, with attempt (to surrender/to love them) less power states.

3. Moha is the ignorance to (allow the above 2 states without considering their resulting sufferings).

In the absence of Loba, Dosa and Moha, the worldly beings attain freedom (nibbana).

The means of worldly love that justifies the ends of freedom shall be the journey of truth seeker!

Additional Details

@sanity, Is compassion an attribute of a being withing worldly realms, where Nibbana is not?

Can God love you, if you do not open the door of your heart to him?
Love and be loved are mutual/repel effects.
Mr.A surrenders Ms.B by creating an account in his self book to dream about her. Ms B does the simile in her own dreams. Ms. B surrenders her account to Mr.A and be a slave for being in love and complains that Mr. A controls her. What a tragedy!

Agree. Fxxk and to be Fxxked are to surrender and to be surrendered in the name of love.

Beings achieved total nibbana cannot know so.
LOVE is not wrong for worldly being if you read the question completely regarding means and ends.
Otherwise, ignorantly continue suffering.

@Fake Genius,
Though you initially disagreed to 'Love as the surrendered state', the body of your comment confirmed it. ~ becomes "mine"!
Does complete Nibbana (not ariya, pure one) got any business (like compassionate love, or metta) to do with worldly beings?


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