Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quran marry only one


Is Quran the only religious scripture that says 'marry only one'?…

Then, how Polygamy or simply in secret practice of gang bang is popular among Muslims?

When license is given to have multiple partners of opposite sex, at least the secret practices of group/gang sex are inevitable.

Do Muslims follow the foot-steps, if (PBUH) Mohammad had relationship with a Nine-Year-Old Girl?…

Note: This is an opportunity to clarify Islam if popular interpretations are false.

Additional Details

@The Eye,
There is a possibility that a sex-addict can bend such laws without breaking them.
Can Quran cover all loop-holes?
Can Islamic religious police supervise what happen in room?

[Nucleus] is simply asking questions with an open mind, and you are welcome to answer them with facts to support.


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