Thursday, February 28, 2013

sandwich is better than Nibbana


Can a sandwich be better than Nibbana in religious Buddhism?

Since Nibbana is nothing and sandwich is something,

As per worldly views:
If "something is better than nothing",
then, "sandwich is better than nibbana".

If "everything is better than something",
then, "everything is better than a sandwich"

As per ultimate truth:
If "nibbana is better than Everything",
then, "nibbana is better than a sandwich"

If 'worldly view' better than 'ultimate truth' in religious Buddhism,
then, does religious Buddhism aim at a sandwich?

Additional Details

Do religious Buddhists use the means of Sammuthi Sacca to justify the ends of Paramatta Sacca or do they wonder around by large, as any other religion would behave with prayers, blessings, etc?

@Fake Genius,
Bliss (Ananda) is the attendant of Buddhi (Buddha).
Therefore Anandan (bliss) cannot be same to Nibbana (freedom).


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