Thursday, February 21, 2013

know for sure that 'Universe' exist?


How do you know for sure that 'Universe' exist?

What is the method to know (prove beyond doubt) that Universe exist?

Additional Details

@John W,
Is universe a mind made/defined assumption used as a convention?

How can you be sure that out your window, that is part of the Universe?

It is a pity to see comments of the products of western education system. Basics are missing!

@Chris Pitchr,
There's a very important point in this question.
We first come to know 'universe' by a definition idea (in mind) for what universe is. Without defining universe (name & description), how can we identify anything as a universe? Even NASA is based on such a mind-based definition for universe.
Who created Universe? God (mind)
Who created God? mind (as a definition)
Never underestimate the power of mind. You cannot think, what you cannot think. Everything you can think are nothing but thoughts!


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