Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quran differ from The Art of War


How do values of Quran differ from The Art of War military treatise of Sun Tzu?

Since both Muhammad and Sun Tzu come from military backgrounds, what are the significant differences in their documents, respectively 'Quran' and 'The Art of War'?

English interpretation of Quran is presented with dictator/submissive language and the message towards commoner seems to have an 'I kill you, if you do not obey me' attitude.

This is an open invitation to discuss the correct interpretation of Quran.

Additional Details

Did HAZRAT MUHAMMAD(PBUH) kill/perish anyone without hurting the feelings?

Can a loyal reader justify anyone with such attributes like 'humble, kind, trustworthy, noble, honest man, never ever hurted even the feeling of any one'?


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