Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Can Muslims be immune to Evil forces


Can Muslims be immune to internal and external Evil forces?…

Here on, I bless Allah and Allah's children (Muslims) with kindness.

7th century Quran looks outdated (example: marry slave women) and does not seem to cover the global Muslim population (example: vegetable grow in non desert areas and no need for meat).

It is my wish that the means of Islam shall justify the ends of following superior guidance:

1. Muslims shall live for Allah and shall not die for Allah.

2. Muslims shall not kill and shall not harm any living being including Animals in the name of Allah.

3. Mind precedes all actions. Therefore, 'Halal thinking' shall be non-greed, non-hatred and non-ignorance, where 'Haram thinking' shall be greed, hatred and ignorance.

It is necessary for Muslims to be innocent and not give any stress to neighbors.

If Allah can use kindness without delays to defend Muslims as per my guidance, I will release Allah from my sovereign court.

Additional Details

No more slaves. Muslims are Allah's adorable children from now on.
Muslims need to be tough minded, and have empathy towards others with soft hearts.

Allah is my subject and I have lawful jurisdiction over Allah.
Please go and read the "How to judge the subjects of all knowing?" hyperlink reference at the beginning of the question.

A Muslim is not permitted to pride and verses of Quran do not apply to Allah and Allah's superior.
Allah will take care of you for insulting.


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